It’s time already to give more skills and advantages to heros after level 30?

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Hello, first of all sorry about my english, I'm from Spain and I've learned to write and understand english mainly by playing games, sorry if you find any grammar mistake or something, despite that I hope that many of you will understand me.

I played STW since three months ago, I know that is not a lot of time but I got used already of how to play the game and how it works.

I know that there are a big variety of heros which everyone is a Soldier, Outlander, Constructor or Ninja. There are regular heros which you can obtain always from a upgrade llama, and there are limited soldiers which can be granted by seasonal llamas which requires 500 season tickets, or can be obtained directly with gold rewarded by doing missions.

There are many heros that has good skill combinations, but lacks about essential things, for example the recent new mythical Outlander which is Ragnarok, has a new special skill but lacks of Phase Shift, which ability for an Outlander is pretty crucial for survive against big waves of monsters and bees circles the most.

In the official forum I've even opened a suggestion thread for revamp its skills by replacing shock tower for Phase Shift and improve the new skill doing that It consums fragments and giving the ability to charge that new skill like AntiMaterial Charge and cause a radius impact rather than a linear one if fully charged and more things, the thread is this one:

Ragnarok, possibly the worst mythical hero in need of a revamp.

However recently I thought.. because the Heros can be leveled up above 30 by upgrading them to four stars and more, why don't provide them more skills instead of modify the current skills?


What EpicGames could do for improve all the heros which lacks in some crucial things or that are even "useless" due their current skill and advantages combinations, could be improved by efectivelly providing more skills which are unlocked at level 35, 4 stars (40), 42, 45, 48 and 5 stars (50). Six skills more, one being active and the rest advantages (in spanish they're called "ventajas", passives skills that you can't use them but improves others skill effects or Hero Status), in total you could use another active skill and have another five passive skills which can improve for example reduce cooldown time of active skill 1, improve the damage and duration of active skill 2, etc.

Save The World has already a lot of possible passive skills which even by providing four/five more passive skills to all heros, each of them can still be specialized in something. For example an outlander can still be specialized in a TEDDY which lasts more time, launches eyebeams and makes explosions (if I remember well) and reaches four tiles more, another which is specialized in Shock Wave, and there are still many more combinations for each Outlander, same for Soldiers, Constructors and Ninjas.

Don't you think that the best idea for improve any hero "useless" or that lacks in something crucial for make them better is providing more passive skills and a new active skill, and make that those heros that are already useful can for example have a sightly boost to their active skills, or have passive skills that increases for example gun headshot damage and so on?

There are a lot of passive skills which affect weapon damages, stability, cadence, damage resistance, and many many more, so I guess that is a perfect time to improve even more all heros.

Also the mythical heros and limited legendary heros should be a priority to make their skill and advantages combinations unique.

What are your toughts about this?

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