I’ve been ganged up on twice in Twine missions because I pointed out something wrong.

Fortnite battle royale fortnite sniper 1920x1080 f072fcef414cbe680e369a16a8d059d8a01c7636 1024x576 - I've been ganged up on twice in Twine missions because I pointed out something wrong.

(PS: I'm a constructor main, and highly regretting it after recent happenings)


Joined a PL 100/40 vbuck mission in Twine yesterday with 1 minute left, and I was alone. Almost a minute later, three people join: one PL 70 and the other two PL 21 and PL 18.

I'm really angry, I'm PL 90 myself and it would be hard to do it by myself. Then the PL 70 starts doing his daily destroy gnomes and the others, as expected, are wandering around farming and getting killed.

I build and overtrap the base myself, no one answering and doing anything to help. I tell the PL 70 not to carry low PLs in higher PL missions, we get into an argument, I keep it clean but he's wandering around for ten whole minutes not helping. I ask him again to come over to the base, he tell the other 2 people to report me for Harassment. NOW they reply, "Done" and "Yeah ofc".



A PL 68 and 42 in a PL 82 mission, carried by their PL 90 friend. Starts destroying by T3 metal base because his friend wants to teach them how to do inverse pyramid. I'm too late, only three or four walls are left by the time I discover this. Worst is, they kept taking metal from my BASE to build their pyramid.

I'm angry, and they say "BASE is public property stfu" and that kind of shit, and I'm reported 3x again.

I'm kinda scared, 6 people have reported me and I don't want to get banned. I reported them back and mentioned the incident, but Epic clearly said about taking action towards serial offenders.

Public missions really suck rn, especially if you're running constructor.

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