I’ve found my new hobby in Fortnite.

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I keep asking for invites to trade with people spamming the chat, and when I enter their match and they want me to go to their little scam-hut with a window in the middle I just play dumb and say idk what that is, I do EVERYTHING to stall them, just to keep them out of chat. I've made it my duty to join scammers and keep them busy.

Yesterday I spent 55 minutes in some dudes storm shield refusing to go into his hut to trade. And I never trade them, when they get tired of me I just leave and find my next chat-spamming-victim.

I can feel their frustration when they can't persuade me to come into their hut, they try everything they can to convince me 'that's how everyone trades'. I hope I can clear up chat for you guys one scammer at a time. In total I've done this to about 40 people so far.

God I love this game.

Edit: Okay so I've got my PC now and decided to update the post with some more info, typing on the phone takes forever.

What I do is I look for people in the chat who wants to trade (preferable "my base only" kind of people) I tell them sure invite me. When I join them I try to figure out whether they will try to scam me or not by looking at their PL, what kind of weapons they have, how they want to do the trade etc and then I just play dumb, I ask them why they're running away from me if they wanted to trade, of course they're running to their trade-hut and want me to follow but I say no, you wanna trade or not? And I just keep on talking as much as I can to keep them away from spamming the chat with "trade?" "trade? my base" "anyone trade?" etc etc.

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This has been going on for to long without EPIC's attention so I've decided to take matters into my own hands. For every minute I keep them in their base with me one less person is spamming that damn Fortnite chat.

The longer I can keep them there, the funnier it is, sometimes they kick me straight away, and sometimes they literally do ANYTHING they can to get their hands on my weapon. As per usual once their hut-scam isn't working they back off and drop their weapon expecting me to drop mine, my reaction is to just stand there or just run a different direction, one time the dude started running after me and FORGOT that he dropped his weapons, so of course I picked them up and he started to panic and demanded them back, to which I replied "I thought you wanted to trade" and of course he dropped the rest of his stuff and I dropped mine and thanked him for the trade (this whole process took about 40-45 minutes) and I didn't see his face in chat again since.

Some people wanted me to post videos, so I'm uploading a video to Youtube and will link to it once it's done (about 1½ hours with my connection). The footage is unedited and the whole video lasts about 15 minutes of me just playing stupid and annoying before he realizes (I think?) that I'm trolling and he kicks me.

I have some video editing programs on my PC so when I have the time I'll just make a compilation or just cut out the 'boring' parts to make it seem interesting but for now that video will have to do!

I'm gonna keep doing this until EPIC solves this problem! Down with the trade-spammers!

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