I’ve lost excitement for this game

FortniteBattleRoyale5 - I've lost excitement for this game

I used to play 3-4 hours a night, every night, farm maximum tickets in events and use all alerts and farm epic/legendary perk up. I now barely login and play just enough to get event hero/weapons. I also read every patch note whilst at work and would think about it all day.

Why have I stopped playing/caring so much?

A few simple reasons

  1. The novelty of grinding for epic/legendary perk up just to perk up weapons which I will use once then never use again has really worn out. This has been the end game for a long time and unfortunately isn't rewarding in any shape or form. Not a single weapon makes me go WOW that's awesome. Look at the weapons that have been shown in Borderlands 3 gameplay, they are awesome!

  2. The hero rework was a complete bust, I now just play the same five hero's and I would think most people probably have the same five builds or very close to it. The only thing it has achieved is that previously trash hero's, should at least be mediocre and you can choose your own styled hero now. Although willing to beat most builds will be pretty similiar to original hero's and most people rolling the same build.

  3. There has been no progress on the AFK/LEECH problem in the game, this is beyond a joke. This coupled with the fact that a 20 day player can easily play end game matches has made twine an absolute shit show. I actually preferred the empty lobbies in twine of a year and a half ago.

  4. Raw gameplay hasn't changed in 500+ days, it's still defend this, kill husks etc. You can change the objectives and ramp up the difficulty but the end mechanics are still the same. We need proper end game, we need raids and what other games do for end game players. If we do this end game stuff we also need end game rewards and exclusives.

Anyways I'm posting this as I've lost the buzz for STW and I feel sad that this wonderful game that I've spent so much time into is now becoming a chore to play. I'm literally waiting for another game to hook me at this point and there are some juicy titles coming up. Epic you need to do stuff for your end game players to keep them around.

Edit: forgot to mention I've been wanting to make this post for 3-4 months but haven't had motivation to post considering I can't imagine anything changing anytime soon, another reason why I've stopped playing.

Edit 2: cheers to you wonderful souls saying I don't get why, when players leave a game they have to announce it, it's ironic your comment isn't it? Let alone the fact that I'll still login each week to get the hero's/weapons.

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