I’ve lost interest in the grind.

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Unfortunately with the release of 5.0, too many issues have arisen that have finally broken my grind habits and left me wanting to try other games, such as returning to Warframe (Fantastic by the way).

A lot of these issues stem from various places, but I'll try to be concise with it (This is a rant so just move on if you don't wanna read through it):

  1. The mediocre release of Horde bash- Oh boy this is kind of a train wreck if you aren't in Twine. AFKs, terrible bases, people that leave as soon as the match is picked incorrectly, horrible lag on Deathburst waves (But that's another issue entirely), not to mention the complete lack of a story with this event or any dialogue whatsoever to keep it entertaining. It's all just… meh.

  2. The buffs and nerfs broke many abilities in the game. This, in addition to the issues that were already around with certain things such as Healing Pads and Campfires not getting boosted by Tech and shotguns on Shock Gunner lagging terribly, among new issues such as Blitzen Base Kyle's healing not working properly and UAH's firerate being capped, these issues are becoming more irritating than the enjoyment i'm finding from the new buffs.

  3. The Canny Valley/Twine grind. Yes, I'm aware the first half of Canny is coming really soon. But as soon as we're done with that, we go back to the same exact grind for the other 3/4 of the endgame: Complete 3 of X, Y, or Z missions. And sometimes, those missions don't even appear for the proper levels, forcing you into missions that you aren't even leveled properly for. It's just all so irritating.

  4. The Alert "nerf"- Yes, I'm aware that this is normal levels compared to the Blockbuster event. However, all this has done is deincentivize people from playing missions for fear of a more valuable alert coming along that they won't be able to benefit from, such as a Vbuck alert or more evolution material. There shouldn't be an aspect of the game that actively stops people from wanting to play, in my opinion. It just seems counter-intuitive.

  5. The rest of the issues with Leechers, Global Chat spam, bots, etc, that I don't want to get into because every other post on this subreddit is about them. They exist, they're annoying, we all know.

  6. Epic's usually quick to comment on issues or what they have planned, but they've been pretty radio silent when it comes to these things which is honestly baffling. Either they have something in the works or they're maybe waiting for it all to blow over so they don't have to address it, I don't know. Maybe I just haven't seen the comments on the proper threads.

Edit- 7. The duration of missions. Even the shortest missions take at least 10 minutes, the longer ones up to 20, and Horde Bash expects us to stick around for even longer! With the amount of progress actually made on these missions, it can feel so slow paced it's honestly ridiculous.

Anyways, TLDR is that I'm fed up at this point and I'm gonna take a break. I hope that these issues get fixed in a decently quick amount of time, because things are going wrong and it's at the worst possible time too with the sale on Save the World packs.

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