I’ve never understood why someone makes “I’m leaving” posts… until now.

FortniteBattleRoyale8 - I've never understood why someone makes "I'm leaving" posts... until now.

This is mine.

If you're like I was, you'll be like "who cares, bye", but it's sort of like a release. Frustration builds and you can't just walk out, you need to slam door to feel atleast a little better about it.

I'm mostly posting it for Epic. I know they frequent here so, that's why I'm coming to post it on reddit.

Fortnite STW is my 4th favorite game ever. I truly love it and I have done everything I can do to keep a positive mindset, but I'm burned out on waiting. I've held on to this game only because I feel like the language from Epic has always been deceptive and implied that wonderful changes would be coming soon. I always told myself "just hang on, it's gonna be awesome". I had faith and I gave Epic the benefit of the doubt.

I'm now leaving feeling deceived and let down. I actually feel as if I have been conned. Between Me, my wife and 3 boys, we came very close to $5K in (mostly from BR) and I don't even care anymore. The stress of my relationship with Fortnite has been equivalent to an extended abusive relationship and I just want out.

The deal breaker for me was and is the bugs. Whether anyone wants to admit it or not, Fortnite is nothing complex. There is no depth to this game at all, but the little crumbs of "content" was enough to lead me along this long, but I'm done with the bugs.

It's inexcusable and unacceptable. I'd scream "nothing works", but the extreme word would immediately invalidate me… but seriously, nothing works. Shit is always fucking broke.


I'm not a developer nor do I envy them and I don't know the first thing about what it takes, but I can tell you that in my 36 years of game heavy life, that I've never experienced the dissatisfaction and frustration I've got from Fortnite. I can't wrap my mind around what could possibly be going on out there at HQ and for this long. This shit is bizarre.

Other game developers are taking entire worlds and entire wardrobes and facial and body customizations, hair colors with customizable highlights and earrings and BELTS… not just skins, fucking BELTS!!! RINGS!!! BRACELETS!!! All customizable and Epic can't even get some skins to work properly. I can't tell you how many times I purchased a $20 skin and it was broke Day 1. Does anybody check this stuff?

I love Fortnite and I'm gonna keep an eye on it and root for it from afar. I may come back to it one day, but I promise I will NEVER knowingly consider another Epic Games product.

I don't know what to say, I don't know how to act and that's exactly what this game has done to me. I just want to throw a fit and scream, but also make excuses for Epic and try and convince myself it's good, but as of last week, I'm done. I logged in 4 days to get my dailies and then logged off. I've not logged in the past 3 days and I'm enjoying being back to FFXIV. I don't think I'll be logging back in to Fortnite any time soon.

Thanks for the good moments with my kids, Epic. There were quite a few. When Fortnite was good it was good, but the bad had always been really fucking bad.

My legs are tired and I'm not chasing this carrot anymore.

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