I’ve won the lottery today! an afk and a low pl in one game.

Fortnite Preview screenshot onpage 1 1024x576 - I've won the lottery today! an afk and a low pl in one game.

For the last couple of days, I've been trying to rush Canny Valley as fast as possible. Not only because the missions are repetitive AF, but also to get out of this situation that I find myself in every other game, which is being put into a game with either an afk, or a low-level someone dropped and then left.

I tried to manage that, used more traps here and there, invite someone I know over to carry the game, etc.

Earlier today, I had the "Carry The Team" mission to do, and I believe I did carry the team, to some point.

I queued into a game with a random Soldier, started to farm some materials myself and was about to start helping the other guy building when I saw two people together joined. Well, I won the lottery, I guess, an afk ninja and a low pl Constructor (17). The Ninja sat down on their ass near the spawn point the whole time, even though we were almost gonna lose the game. And the constructor tried to do something, but because of the fact that they died like at least 10 times, they locked themselves inside the objective and started dancing while I and the Soldier tried to win this game, and we did.


FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYTHING EPIC, IT'S SO FU*KING EASY TO DEAL WITH THIS PEOPLE. Either boost their F.O.R.T stats to be near our stats or just don't let them come to our game, at least public games.

And for the AFK part, I honestly don't know why this isn't automated, if they have zero statistics at the end of the game multiple times, they should be warned immediately, or maybe flush their backpack and storage.

These scums are hurting the image of this game. It's full of trade scammers, and afks!

It's time Epic to do something about it, and do it quickly.

Here is a screenshot of the team score for that game with their name on it:

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