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FortniteBattleRoyale4 - Jail Build Etiquette

If you haven't learned how to jail build, you should, because it's a very useful skill. It's not wrong to jail build in public lobbies, but there is etiquette involved.

  • Jail building in public lobbies is OK, but only if everyone agrees. Don't jail build unless you have buy in from everyone else in the mission. Ask in the text and/or voice chat. If you don't get a response from even one player, don't jail build unless you're willing to risk that the person shoots and ruins the jail build. If they do, you are the idiot.
  • If you aren't willing to put in the effort to get agreement from everyone, do your jail build in a private lobby. Otherwise you risk losing anyway because someone may start shooting.
  • If you jail build in public lobbies, accept that you may force other players to shoot husks to achieve a sufficiently high combat score to get the mission alert rewards. If you have taken out five encampments solo and your combat score is 5000, nobody else in the mission will be able to get their rewards unless they start shooting too, because of the anti-leeching system which is active only in public missions. Your total score needs to be at least 35% of the average total score of all the players to receive the rewards. Any competent player who understands this will start shooting in this situation, ruining your jail build, because you gave them no choice.
  • Don't call teammates idiots for shooting in jail builds if you didn't get buy-in first. They are not idiots, they just have husks to kill for their dailies, they are inexperienced and just don't understand what you did, they didn't see your jail before they started shooting (and you didn't tell them or they didn't see the message), or they are trying to boost their combat score above the anti-leech threshold. You are actually the idiot for doing a jail build in a public lobby without getting agreement from everyone first. If you call them an idiot, not only are you the actual idiot, you are also being "toxic". If you asked and even one player didn't respond, they aren't the idiot – perhaps they missed the message, or don't even speak English – you are still the idiot.
  • If you are lazy and don't want to contribute to the build, accept whatever type of build your teammates spent their mats on. Don't go AFK, come back to find a jail build, then shoot anyway because jail builds aren't your play style.
  • If you don't like jail builds and you join a public lobby with three constructors, you can assume it's going to be a jail build and you should abandon the mission. Don't go in as soldier or ninja expecting players to be impressed by your ability to kill husks.
  • If your teammates have already built a jail and that isn't your play style, be a team player and don't be the brat who kills a husk, spawns a smasher, and loses everyone the mission. If you need kills, farm an encampment elsewhere on the map (but be careful not to kill objective husks who might have followed you, e.g. husklings), relax, help, and just be grateful your teammates helped get you a cheap guaranteed victory. Jail builds work on the principle that not even one objective husk can be killed, because it can take just ONE kill to spawn a smasher (often the next husk to spawn is not a smasher, but it can and DOES happen) and jail builds, which are inherently weak, use just a few traps, and have just one or two walls between the spawn points and the objective, usually cannot withstand a smasher.
  • The exception to all this is high PL missions where jail/stall building is the norm. If you are in a 160 RTD, you should assume that it is going to be a jail build unless everyone agrees otherwise. Do not go into a 160 RTD expecting to kill husks for your daily – seriously, you can just go do your daily in Canny. This is also true for other 160 missions where it is easier to jail/stall than kill (almost all of them, frankly), and for these, it's better to ask everyone what their preferences are before anyone starts building.

For successful jail builds:

  • Don't use freeze traps in conjunction with floor or wall launchers. Frozen husks take damage when pushed by launchers. Over time, damaged husks may die and get replaced by smashers, propane, flingers etc.
  • For the same reason, if you're running constructor, don't use Ice King in the lead and then place floor or wall launchers anywhere in the jail. In public missions, it's better not to run Ice King because you can't guarantee teammates won't place launchers. Similarly, don't use any damage constructors in your loadout (e.g. Electropulse Penny, Thunder Thora, etc.). If you are in a public mission with other constructors, ask them whether they have jail-safe loadouts before you start building a jail.
  • I've said this at least three times, but I will repeat it: DO NOT KILL ANY HUSKS after the objective starts. This requires preparation and skill:
    • Do not start the objective until ALL nearby husks have been cleared. This includes sleeping husks, encampments, and patrols. If you hear gunfire or husk sounds, don't shoot the balloon down yet.
    • If there is a lone husk that ends up stuck outside the jail, don't kill it. Instead, either ignore it, or lure it into the jail. If the B.A.S.E. has power modulation, the walls can usually withstand at least one husk beating on them. Watch the wall's health and if it gets low (say below 50%), you may want to try to lure the husk away. There are two ways to do that: you can use a D.E.C.O.Y., or you can pickaxe the husk (without killing it!) to make it follow you then lure it into the jail but don't get more than a few feet away because the husk will lose interest. Sometimes husks will get fixated on structures and the D.E.C.O.Y. will have no effect on them – the solution is to place a sound wall, making them dance will break their fixation and they will now follow your D.E.C.O.Y.
    • If you go farm somewhere else on the map, which is a perfectly reasonable thing to do (as long as at least one or two players are left watching the jail), be VERY careful killing anything. Husklings and other types of husk can and will follow you all the way from the objective spawn points to the other side of the map, and there is no way for you to tell whether a husk is an objective husk or not. If you kill an objective husk, a smasher or even the miniboss may spawn.
    • If a smasher DOES spawn and the jail cannot not withstand smashers (some designs can take lower PL smashers when used with several B.A.S.E.s), try to kill the smasher surgically without killing any other husks, otherwise you will set of a chain reaction of new husks spawning, being forced to kill them, new husks spawning etc. and the mission will fail. This means, don't shoot the smasher with your xenon bow, don't use explosive weapons, and aim extremely carefully.

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