JAIL BUILD GUIDE [2.0]: Effective & Efficient Method for Soloing the Highest Level Missions and Wargames.

FortniteBattleRoyale5 - JAIL BUILD GUIDE [2.0]: Effective & Efficient Method for Soloing the Highest Level Missions and Wargames.

3vxrwpczd9431 - JAIL BUILD GUIDE [2.0]: Effective & Efficient Method for Soloing the Highest Level Missions and Wargames.

Visually you cannot see all husks in a jail, due to occlusion. EVERY husk in this 4 man RTD is in this 1×1.

This guide is a basic introduction to what I call a "Jail Build". Same Jail, but 2.0 improvement to the guide.

I foolishly deleted about half the original, but after it received awards from the community and got an amazing response, I felt compelled to recreate it and improve it.

In this basic guide I'll just introduce the "jail" concept, and demonstrate the simplest example for those wanting to try it out. This guide presents one example build, however, jail building isn't just "a build" it is a strategy for building & gameplay that can be used in any mission or wargame.

Jails do not utilize any bug, just normal game mechanics, so they should be viable for a long time to come. Although jails make missions ridiculously easy, and completely incapacitate all the husks of any type in any level mission, they are not an auto win. It takes skill and knowledge to build a jail entrance and funnel husks to it, and to learn to position your body/decoy such that the mobs actually get put into your jail. Any smart player of any level can use this strategy, but it is actually easier for higher level players, even in the highest level content in the game, because they have well perked traps and… all important for this technique… trap durability bonuses!



– "Trap Loadout & Durability" Section

– "Advantages of Using a Jail" Section

"Desynchronizing Traps" Section

– "How to use Decoy" Section

– Link to video and pictures of players who read 1.0 using it in the highest level mission in the game (and other mission types)

– Link to the original guide, which has over 100 comments asking/answering questions about the strategy/build.

Also, Rounded Tik Tak came and shot a bunch of video of me running this in a mission and the jails in my SSDs, so look out for his upcoming video on this strategy!


WHAT IS A 'JAIL BUILD? Simply put, a jail build is a refined form of stall build. It is any build where you lock all the initially spawning mobs into a box, and keep them there until the time runs out and you win. The simplest jails are a 1×1 box with 2 wall launchers (not facing each other), 2 wall lights, and either a floor launcher or freeze trap ON THE INSIDE. The second launcher and wall light are optional depending on mob level. I always use both for insurance. Of course as with any stall build you'll be running a BASE constructor so the walls can tank a bit (power BASE is best – decoy is basically a requirement for solo jail wardens), but basically the CC (crowd control) is so outrageously good in the box that the walls take surprisingly little damage.

NOTE: Jails usually will not work in public matches. Do to the importance of players positioning their bodies where they are supposed to, so the husks go where they should, it is easier solo or with friends. However, I did just do it tonight in a public 126 mission and it worked fine because the group was good and on board with learning and executing the strategy.

ADVANTAGES OF USING A JAIL: Many of the benefits from using a jail derive from it being a form of stall build. In all stall builds, NOTHING will spawn after the first wave as long as you don't kill anything. This means:

None of those pesky waves you don't like spawn. Since ONLY the initial spawn wave happens, which is usually mostly basic husks types, there wont be a smasher wave, or a heavy propane wave, or a heavy lobber wave.

You don't have to worry about the storm moving. again, since ONLY the initial wave happens, ONLY the initial spawn point(s) need to be defended.

Bosses are optional. Since nothing can respawn, a boss will not spawn (unless you want it to). Simply kill a few husks if you wan to get that boss loot.

WHY USE A JAIL BUILD INSTEAD OF ANY OTHER STALL BUILD? I've discovered MANY advantages but here are a couple of the big ones.

Its cheap AF. You are talking about 5-7 traps for the most basic jail builds. That's FAR cheaper than any other way to solo 100+ 4 man content.

It is incredibly safe: Since there will be no mobs around to attack you, you can farm during a mission defense, or in a wargame, you can run around and pick up time cheats, destroy mist pods, shoot UFOs, or remove curses without being attacked.



NOTE: Although this 1×1 jail can be used in any mission type, this jail entrance only works in a RTD. Jail entries become more complex as the size of the objective, and area of initial spawns, increase.

BUILD A 1×1 around the objective: Of course this can't currently be done prior to shooting the balloon down. I usually jsut pop a slow field as the first husks arrive to make finishing it easy, but this can be difficult when learning so see below "Protecting the 1×1 Completion" for additional walls you can add to make that much easier. Do not place traps on the 1×1, or inverted stairs, or anything. Just a box! The second story walls on the 1×1 shown in the picture are not required, but I advise them to keep mobs from getting bounced onto you base roof, and providing a second structural connection for the jail entrance stairs.

yu4xmnpog9431 - JAIL BUILD GUIDE [2.0]: Effective & Efficient Method for Soloing the Highest Level Missions and Wargames.

1/2 of the 1×1 can be completed prior to shooting the balloon down.

BUILD a 1×1 JAIL: Build a 1×1 in the square diagonally nearest to the balloon. The jail interior can be seen in the first picture in the guide above. It contains 2 wall launchers (not facing each other) on the walls closest to the balloon to push them away from the walls they most want to attack, 2 wall lights on the other walls, and a floor launcher. The jail will need second story walls above the wall lights (only those two walls) to act as a stopper for the jail entrance launchers. The jail will need a roof, so the floor launcher doesn't send the husks so high they take damage.

BUILD A JAIL ENTRANCE: Place floor with launchers in the two squares between the jail and the balloon. Place inverted stairs as shown so the launchers send the mobs into the jail (not over it because of your two stopper walls above the wall lights)

ykg453agi9431 - JAIL BUILD GUIDE [2.0]: Effective & Efficient Method for Soloing the Highest Level Missions and Wargames.

The jail and entrance can be fully built prior to shooting down the balloon

NOTE: DO NOT place the jail entry floor launchers until it is go time. This "primes" the jail, and if done early allows roaming patrols to get in your jail an start soaking up valuable trap charges!



FINISH THE 1×1. Build the final two walls of the 1×1 and add a roof. If you have a jumping item (guardians will walloper, etc.) jump up during the t1 upgrade time and place your base above the balloon on the roof. Alternatively you can place it on the jail roof. Pop slow field AS SOON AS THE FIRST HUSK ARRIVES to make completing the upgrades easier. If that is not enough pop a banner once they hit t2. This will be difficult as you learn, so:

PROTECTING THE 1X1 COMPLETION (optional): It is high anxiety completing the 1×1 "naked" as a beginner, so for additional protection you can place walls of any material around the 2×2 perimeter prior to the defense. If you do this, make them all of the same material/tier, and then CONVERT THE TWO WALLS NEAREST THE JAIL TO LOW WALLS, which will lower their HP and make the husks naturally want to path to them, which is right by your jail, instead of attacking those back walls annoyingly far away from your jail. These walls can be very low grade, because once mobs break any wall on the 2×2, you simply open a gap up (the square nearest the jail) in your two low walls and every mob is within 1 tile of the jail, and has a path to it.

JAIL THE HUSKS (if the spawn is on the jail side): This is insanely easy, because mobs will naturally want to go stand right on the jail entry tiles by default, simply stand on that launcher as much as you can so they don't get distracted by your body, and you are good to go. A campfire can help you soak damage while being bait here.

JAIL THE HUSKS (if the spawn is on the balloon side ): This is more difficult, due to the mobs desire to path to the objective they would have to cross to get to the jail. While learning the mechanics of husk baiting, I recommend building the 1×1 completion protection structures described above, because they naturally facilitate the mobs crossing to the jail side.

HOW TO USE DECOY: Placing the decoy on the jail entry launcher on the side closest to the jail will pull mobs into the jail. IF mobs are attacking the objective 1×1, they are all within decoy range of the jail entrance. WALL AGGRO IS REAL! Once a husk attacks a wall they do not want to leave it. Without decoy it is very difficult to get them off. You can stab them in the back until dead and they will never turn around. This is the primary use of decoy. They will leave the wall for decoy.


ko5nx3r1x9431 - JAIL BUILD GUIDE [2.0]: Effective & Efficient Method for Soloing the Highest Level Missions and Wargames.

You won't need to farm much with a build this cheap, so go for the spawn dancing!



c5eejvqgn9431 - JAIL BUILD GUIDE [2.0]: Effective & Efficient Method for Soloing the Highest Level Missions and Wargames.

Only 2 requirements are power and lofty. Substitutions: anything to keep you alive or make you faster.

Banner & Slow field are key. They both can make your jail and/or objective virtually indestructible for an extended period if you get in trouble. They also both can greatly facilitate completing the 1×1 if something goes wrong and the mobs attack it before it is upgraded. Banner also provides a respawn (read: free complete heal). If you need heals: Coconuts or campfires. Remember, you wont be killing much, so buffs like survivalist won't trigger.

Tough traps may be necessary, although it s not for me (see below).


TRAP DURABILITY IS KEY!!! The traps in your jail fire continuously on fast reload for the entire defense. Tough traps (Machinist Harper) can help, and she can be mained because the traps prevent most wall damage not power bases healing. I would always 6th perk durability, and possibly additional perks depending on your bonuses and your need to use traps in other ways. You need to be shooting for 65+ charges if you don't want to replace traps in the mission (in mission; the schematic will show less due to bonuses). That being said, since all the mobs are in jail, it is totally doable to build steps above the jail entry launchers and replace traps from the top if you need to, it just makes the strategy less efficient. For another solution see "de-synching traps" below.


u60keh3ft9431 - JAIL BUILD GUIDE [2.0]: Effective & Efficient Method for Soloing the Highest Level Missions and Wargames.

Effect Duration is Key!!!

22ueountt9431 - JAIL BUILD GUIDE [2.0]: Effective & Efficient Method for Soloing the Highest Level Missions and Wargames.

High impact is not required to stagger even the highest level smasher.

wtf2qnj3u9431 - JAIL BUILD GUIDE [2.0]: Effective & Efficient Method for Soloing the Highest Level Missions and Wargames.

Single reload ensures that the floor and wall launchers will not synchronize.

DE-SYNCHING TRAPS: If your stuns go off at the same time, having two doesn't help. Although in larger jails more options for de-synching are available, a 1×1 jail allows two. Ideally, you can have two sets of traps with different reloads, but that is costly. In missions, you lose traps anyway, so there is no problem simply placing the second set after the first set has fired. There is no need for this when learning, since one set actually works alone also, but for super high level stuff, it is fairly easy since as the jail fills up, there are less mobs in it and thus less stunning is required. Once many mobs are in it, the outside becomes very safe, so its easy to build up and replace traps through the entrance. Placing the second set late will also help traps not run out if you have low durability.

With my wall lights (3.2 duration 1 sec activation) I want to place the 2nd wall light 2.2 seconds after the first on has fired (so they activate right at the end of the first stun duration). Doing this will cause the wall lights ALONE to keep jailed mobs stunned for 6.4 (duration x2) out of every 7.5 seconds (reload + activation). Are you starting to see why jails will hold any mob in the game? This will obviously work in wargames, but you will loose the second 2 traps if placed after the wargame commences, which is why I developed larger jails to automate the de-synch, but that is for another guide!




LVL 128 Multi Atlas:

LVL 128 4 man RTL:

LINK TO GUIDE 1.0 (with many questions answered in the comments):

Source: Original link

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