JAIL BUILDS: Unbelievably effective and efficient for high level missions and wargames

FortniteBattleRoyale5 - JAIL BUILDS: Unbelievably effective and efficient for high level missions and wargames

This guide is a basic introduction to what I call a "Jail Build". In this basic guide I'll just introduce the concept, and demonstrate one simple example. However, if I have more time and interest later and can share more advanced strategies and modifications that enable it in even higher level content. In the most basic form I present here the jail will have trouble in 124 and above 4 man content, but it crushes anything below that super easily and cheaply and makes soloing 4 man missions a breeze.



WHAT IS A 'JAIL BUILD? Simply put, a jail build is a refined form of stall build. It is any build where you lock all the initially spawning mobs into a box, and keep them there until the time runs out and you win. The simplest jails are a 1×1 box with 2 wall launchers (not facing each other), 2 wall lights, and either a floor launcher or freeze trap ON THE INSIDE. Of course as with any stall build you'll be running a BASE constructor so the walls can tank a bit (power BASE is best – decoy is basically a requirement for solo jail wardens), but basically the CC (crowd control) is so outrageously good in the box that the walls take surprisingly little damage.

NOTE: This will not work in public matches. If players start killing husks and/or getting chased around so husks are where they shouldn't be, you are done with the jail strategy. Do it solo or with friends.

WHY USE A JAIL BUILD INSTEAD OF ANY OTHER STALL? Well, I've discovered MANY advantages but here are a couple of the big ones.

Its cheap AF. You are talking about 5-7 traps for most basic builds. That's FAR cheaper than any other way to solo 100+ 4 man content.

It's incredibly safe. You can go dance in the spawn or outside the base and no mobs are around to damage you. Because of this you can go duel the boss when he pops and bull rush him around in complete safety. Also, for wargames its absolutely amazing because you can just run around and get time cheats or curse totems or mist pods without being attacked at all.

It owns exploding deathburst/heavy explosives. Truthfully all stall builds do, but I thought I'd add it because it's huge and combined with the two above make jail builds incredibly powerful.


THE SIMPLEST EXAMPLE: Retrieve the data with a 1×1 base and a 1×1 jail. Usually these days I just pop a slow field on the objective at spawn and build the 1×1, but when learning i highly advise using a 2×2 base (that you can pre-build before shooting it down) to protect you in the first minute while you practice the strategy.

TOTAL COST: 14 structural pieces/7 traps.

What to build:

A 1×1 base: a box around the balloon with a roof. NO launchers or steps or edited floors on the box. JUST THE BOX! You cannot pre-build the full 1×1 which is why you should start out with a 2×2 until you are comfortable. IF you use the 2×2 make sure to use flimsy materials they can break so they end up at the 1×1 and you can learn how to get them into the jail.


A 1×1 jail: This is pre-built outside the no build zone, on the corner where the balloon is (so the corner of the balloon 1×1 touches the corner of the jail 1×1. Inside the jail place two wall launchers (on the sides closest to the balloon), 2 wall lights, and a floor launcher.

A jail entrance: They will get floor launched into jail, so place two floor launchers with 45s above them between the balloon and the jail 1×1 (so just outside the no build area on the two tiles that touch the balloon. So they don't get launched over the jail, place two walls on the second story (or third if that high)of the jail opposite the launchers. Put a roof over this to stop the floor launcher from damaging them with fall damage.

What to do when the mission starts:

Pop a slow field and finish the 1×1 base.

– IF the spawn is on the jail side: Basically nothing. They go right up to the base on the jail side and get launched into jail.

– IF the spawn is on the non jail side: This is substantially more difficult when you are learning. You'll use decoy on the launcher and pull then around to the go to jail. THIS IS WHY YOU BUILD ONLY A 1×1 base (because everything will be in decoy range).


IMPORTANT RECOMMENDATION FOR LEARNING THIS STRATEGY: Duo with a friend. While I consider executing this to be very easy now, it was NOT easy at first and soloing it is a high stakes game since if you can't get the 1×1 base completed or get them into the jail quickly you'll almost surely lose. While learning, 2 slow fields makes a TON of difference in the beginning, and one person can finish the base while the other is the warden of the jail and gets the inmates inside. BASE kyle is ok as a duo partner for Power Base, but THE BEST JAIL DUO PARTNER for Power Base is Controller Harper because her decoy makes it very easy to quickly imprison the inmates.

NOTE ON METAL CORROSION: While normally metal corrosion is a joke, with this strategy tons of basic husks hit a single wall so the threat is real. You will not win if you use metal on metal corrosion.

Have fun being the warden of your husk jail, and owning high level content cheaply, and safely!!!


ADVANCED TACTICS PREVIEW: In 124 and above 4 mans, wall damage grows exponentially which is why the simple jails no longer work and I've had to develop more advanced tactics/jails. Although not in this guide, advanced jails essentially involve two things. 1) using a 1×2 jail which can move mobs around and so the launchers CC them for longer time periods 2) de-sychronizing the launchers/wall lights so they hit at different times by using twig floors, stairs, and or pyramids inside the jail which either you edit or force the husks to break in order to stagger the trap timing. This is easier in missions than wargames because you lose the trap anyway so you can achieve max CC by simple placing the trap at the correct interval after the first set starts triggering, whereas in wargames you have to automate this so the traps can be placed before the mission and thus permanent.

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