Just a rant from a fortnite veteran.

FortniteBattleRoyale4 - Just a rant from a fortnite veteran.

Alright so let's talking about the first thing that everyone has been talking about, emotes. We have been stuck with the same emotes for almost 2 years now and it's so fucking boring. TWO FUCKING EMOTES man, while the other game more has over 100+ emotes and still counting. Epic's response to our demands are always the same mediocre shit we have been getting ever since season 2 came out, we payed for the game as well, we deserve some real content and effort put into this gamemode as well ( I'm not saying they don't try to but it just feels like it and yes I've seen the whole hero rework but it's been so long since we asked for that stuff) . It's been 7+ months since epic talked about the clipping issues with the character models preventing them to add other emotes to save the world, but that's so much bullshit. We don't give a damn about some small clipping issues. I've seen videos of people glitching themselves a save the world hero to br and the animations are almost flawless. Also, global and founders chat… We'll chat in general. It's terrible, who picked the color for the text? You can't see shit with all the blooming of the game, also where the fuck is founders chat? That was taken out of the game for almost 5+ months already and it hasn't came back yet. Why epic? It took you this whole time to address a simple fucking timer for afkers? But for the other game mode, they go balls shit whenever you afk. Some people even get a REAL ban because of it.

What about the guns in br? Why can't we just get those as well? We payed for the game and deserve the same respect as br players. 100% of the stw community payed for the game (which is atleast $20 dollars and goes upwards of $250 without the discount) and people in br can play without paying for shit. We get shitty ass guns compared to the sick guns br has been getting. We only have 2 scoped pistols and both you can't get in the game anymore. It's sad that people can't enjoy stuff from the other gamemode due to them not being "applicable" to save the world. Let us just have fun!


Now let's talk about the nerfs we have gotten for heros. Outlanders got nerfed, constructors got nerfed and ninjas have never been op in the first place and soldiers are well rounded. Outlanders got nerfed with Teddy's while constructors legit have no reason to even play due to their 10% less Matt's being useless. Slow speed and agility makes them feel terrible compared to other heros. ( I won't keep going on this bc my fingers start to hurt lmao I'm super pissed )

In all seriousness, your community will die if you keep nerfing and destroying save the world. It's sad that such a great game is being ignored only because of "money" although we payed our fair share. (Maybe it's not just because of that but it's pretty much layed out to us like that) once br dies ( just like any other game has ), you wont have original players due to the shit you have been doing to us. Ive played for almost 400 days already (I missed a bunch of other days) and it's been fun but also very tiring. You either fix the game or lose your community. People leave everyday because epic keeps screwing us up.

Anyways, that's not all of my rant but I had to keep it brief and not as demanding due to the rules. I'll remove the curse words if they warn me about this rant. Hope you guys understand why people like me are furious at epic but this isn't a witch Hunt, I just wanna see change for the better and the hero rework and afk detention is a step in the right direction, it just took them way too long to do this.

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