Just another horror story too ignore.

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Doing the 82 group mission and a 70 and his 42 friend join they both demand obsidian and sleek and me and the constructor who just dropped a couple thousand material and had a LOT of traps layed out and they just said give obsidian or sleek and ran around the map farming. We asked them to leave and they said no because they want to trade. Nobody wanted to trade with them so why didnt they leave? Because the legendary assault transform.

They started calling us no life and a bunch of other stuff that doesnt matter since they just dont play the game. The 70 mustve spent alot of money off his moms credit card to get this far. They ended up starting it early because we wouldnt give them mats and we had to scrape by spamming rockets and stuff. They both ended up with like 500 combat.


I dont even know if its worth it to report people as ive ran into SO many people like this and nothing happens to them. So many posts here on reddit that get upvoted, and still nothing. Not even ok the roadmap. Its seriously out of hand. There are people trying to enjoy the game but other players are EASILY the worst thing in the game currently. So many times in the past few days where ive had some of the most frustrating matches of my life in any game ever. Ive reported dozens of players but i still see them. I have started to create a list of players on ps4 to avoid and adding anyone i play with that isnt cancer since they are getting rare. If epic wont do anything then this is the best i can do. (On a side note i tried to get help with my ssd and couldnt find anyone who would do it unless i gave them obsidian malachite etc, like seriously? I had to invite misc people on my friends list and after a few hours got lucky that 2 joined.)

Thank god i just bought god of war. This game has just become unplayable and its been months of front page posts about this and we still dont even have bare bones necessities like a real report system or actual punishments to people who do these things. I know this post is salty, im sorry. If i have to take a fall and look like a jerk ill do it as long as something gets done about this. Epic plz do something.

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