Just finished Ventures, reached level 50; My Review of the first season of Ventures.

FortniteBattleRoyale6 - Just finished Ventures, reached level 50; My Review of the first season of Ventures.

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I'll start off by saying these will be split into Likes and Dislikes.


  • The Power Level Scaling.

The Power Level scaling felt perfect, and I had no issues with it, and I hope it stays for the upcoming seasons. It truly felt like what you are meant to progress at in the main game.

  • The Vending Machine/Repair Bench mechanic.

I enjoyed the whole "Scavenge" mechanic where you have to find weapons on your own. Honestly I think putting the vending machines in the normal game wouldn't be a bad idea, and the repair benches if they work like they do in ventures itself.

  • Not being able to drop weapons.

This was PERFECT. It made all the trader kids want to stay out of ventures, and made it so you could actually feel some joy finding a powerful weapon to use for a while.


  • The Grind.

The grind in Ventures was unbearable, granted I did literally speed through the entire thing in a week.Having to run the exact same mission over and over again was just not fun. I really feel like Ventures could've used some new mission types, or a wider selection of zones, because for the first 3 days of ventures, nobody was able to even do the Radar Grid mission. The rewards were not worth it either which leads into my next point…

  • The rewards.

Now, I'm not talking about "oh the superchargers suck"; No, they don't, they actually quite awesome. But the amount you got was just horrible. I feel like you should've atleast got enough Hero, Weapon, and Trap to level up atleast 1 of each to max, and the Survivor Superchargers needed to be given more so you could atleast go up 1 power level. I am currently sitting at 131.94 because you don't get enough chargers to go up 1 level. I know /u/magyst already touched on this, but it still needs to be said.

  • Not being able to drop build mats, and bluglo.

This seemed like a no brainer, but they really should've made it so you could drop BUILD mats, and bluglo. And yes, it says you can drop them and you can in your inventory, but it only appears for you; I tested this with a group of friends, and only you can see/pickup your dropped items.

  • The Weapon pool.

The weapon pool felt a little too small, being that it was only base-game, expansion, Boom Box, and Steampunk. Now, I know this was probably just for the season, but it would've been nice to have like maybe the Pirate Weapons or the Spy Weapons.


Venture's could become a fun new feature in the coming seasons as they add and fix more of it. I really hope this is not the end of new content for Save the World, but at this point, I only want bug fixes and quality of life changes.

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