Just got the most frustrating game ever and it was awesome

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first of all this is NOT a rant.

I was bored and wanted to play with some randoms on canny. i needed to play as a ninja with swords to get vbucks so i joined as one.

2 more guys joined the mission both PL 70+ we were all using ability based heroes so we increase all the bluegoo pylons and got ready for defending the objective. a single atlas.

We tough ok …. fu*k it lets just upgrade this thing to max difficulty.

We found out there was a Rift just below the cliff where the atlas was at, so we were carefull to not get close so we wont get succ by the rift.

Until this point none of us saw any elemental husk so one guy asked in chat if Metal was ok for the objective.

We all agreed and he build a simple pyramid. No traps because we tough we were strong enough


As soon as the mission started we saw 3 PL 70 Nature Smashers. 2 takers and a horde of bees and little husks. While a ton of lobbers trowed shit at us.


We didnt knew about the modifiers because we didnt pay attention to them…. it was slow+acid+mist …. lets just say we got demolished.

the smashers droped 2 of us to the rift, the other one died to blasters and we had to climb the cliff to get to him but we were on the rift so we didnt have enough energy to do anything. Just one wall got destroyed and all the husk entered the atlas and we failed.

for my surprise my team mates werent angry in fact they were laughing their ass off because of what happened. We lost too fu*king fast … so the next time we did it we got so many fire traps that you could feel the heat behind the screen.

we won. GG smashers i hate you all.

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