Just wanted to say goodbye to the people I played with over the past 4 years

FortniteBattleRoyale1 - Just wanted to say goodbye to the people I played with over the past 4 years

This is truly a sad day for me. I have been playing the game since early 2016 as an alpha tester. I've spent COUNTLESS hours playing with people that I genuinely call friend. I played with the devs. I played on the old demo of HORDE mode on

. I've spent real money to play the game to buy llamas and upgrade to the SUPER DELUXE version of the game. I have every weapon and hero in the game. I played while recovering from surgeries, insomnia and dealing with the anxiety derived from the world turning upside down in 2016 and 2020. It always has been an easy place to land. I always hoped the game would be received by the world as something that I saw it as… A game that when played as a team, you get more enjoyment than you would if you just looked out for yourself.

Sorry for the poor quality. This is my developer signed poster

I don't know what Epic has in store for SAVE THE WORLD. I don't think they know either. The game was once a "tower defense shooter" that required some semblance of creativity, problem solving, teamwork and skill. Now, it's been changed into something different. It's evolved to something that has the frame of something I enjoyed playing but it's been left to rot on the vine. There are a large number of things that the game needs to succeed. The game has lacked any "quality of life" improvements for so long that it's not funny. The first of which of that the player base does need to be the BR player base. It can incorporate them in to STW but it shouldn't change the core of the original mode to be essentially BR, but with monsters, crafting and schematics. There once was a story. There once was a endgame. There once was a direction. These days, I don't see a focused direction for the game. I don't know what they have in store but I hope it's great.


We all can relate to the bad player and bugs. Those are a part of ANY living game. What we need is a reason to continue to play. Grinding for rare items is fine, but it's not long term. Playing with friends is great, if you have something to play for. And even the 'completionistic' logic of GOTTA HAVE EVERYTHING is fine in the short term. We need a reason. We need a purpose. We need HOPE. Hope that the game WILL be better. Hope that Epic is behind the game 100%.

Sadly. I need to step aside and distance myself from Fortnite. This game has given me a great deal of joy AND heartache, but no heartache more than trying to reach out to Epic to propose a simple and elegant solution to the duplication glitch and receiving zero feedback. Good or bad… just silence. I only wanted the game to succeed.

So, I know I rambled a lot and it might not matter to anyone. I hope to see you all down the road. I'm Huckleberry27616 and I'm shutting down the power to the storm shield, powering down Ray and hope the husks won't over run my base. I hope to see you in game in the future.

I played STW for 9 months of real time from my life. Goodbye old friend. I hope to see you down the road.

All my best…

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