Karma System – Dealing with AFKs and Griefers

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My suggestion is that the seemingly non function thumbs up system at the end of matches be expanded to a full Karma System where low Karma will make it harder for you to match with high karma players. While this does not stop a player from ruining your individual match, it would hopefully weed out players so that we end up with a system like GTA where griefers can only play with griefers. We could even include a bonus of some sort if you keep up with good karma or there could be a visual display of bad karma that you can see before joining a match when you first see a squad. There could even be a karma specific filter where you can prevent particularly bad karma players from finding your match. It might reduce play times but it could be made optional.


What do you guys think? Any major flaws with the idea? The only thing I can think of is people who spam downvotes but the system could catch them and remove their votes from accounts. It also would be a -1 and done system, there could be thresholds you have to meet before action is taken. This could also incentivize being a particularly good player/teammates. Also, limit it so that a player can only upvote/downvote you once per day/week or something like that to prevent friend farming.

EDIT: Include a Karma decay over time that always moves you towards 0 to prevent stockpiling of Karma or to make it possible to get back to 0 without requiring people upvote you.

EDIT 2: I agree with the idea of a tier based requirement (The level breaks 19/23/28/34/40/46) in regions for joining public matches. I don't know what the exact values should be, but I like the concept. (mini edit) I stated public specifically because they can still go to these higher locations in private matches where they cannot drag in unwilling participants.

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