Kid emails me about being banned from Fortnite because apparently he was using my account…!

Fortnite Battle Royale Halloween 1024x576 - Kid emails me about being banned from Fortnite because apparently he was using my account...!

I discovered on Saturday that some kid had hacked my account because he emailed me about his account on PS4 being banned. He was using my account details and had linked it to his PS4. At some point I changed some of the info on it and that got him banned. He was asking me to unlink his account from PS4 would pay me an amazing $15 on paypal! lmao.

As one would expect, I emailed Epic about it; no word yet I figured they are swamped or will get back to it later in the week. So I took the time to assess the damage this kid has done. For one he recycled a majority of my heroes since I tend to collect; a number of traps I use because I had 1 of each type; and stuffed my backpack and storm shield with a butt ton of random legendary crafted weapons. Any stored matts, traps, ammo I had was all gone.

Furthermore I had stopped just at Canny Valley but apparently he had completed much of it as most of the areas are opened up for it. I guess that might be the only plus side to it. As for weapons he took 3 or 4 of my legendaries and maxed them out. This came at the cost of some of my traps as some were missing.

However there was something troubling about all of this. When I looked at my mats that remained he had a few stacks of mats from Twine Peaks. So he must've been getting taxi over a lot. That OR he was doing a lot of trading. I don't know maybe some one here might have an idea of what he was up to.


So how did this happened? You might be asking. I had put down fortnite at around Christmas time? I did the christmas event, had my fun but figured it was time to give the game a few months until some promises were fulfilled (perks and storage). So fast forward to now when I think it is a good time to hop back into Fortnite and come to all of this! As for Battle Royale my account level was 90. Meaning he's earned 90 levels in BR while I was away. I also found a couple of PS4 people on my friend list all of which must be from the EU because they had that at the end of their names.

Thankfully there was no real damage despite there being an attempt to make $110 purchased. My card on this account had expired so I was glad that no money was lost but can you imagine? This shit could've got me banned or his actions at some point would've got me banned.

The only solace I have from this is when I went to unlink his PS4 account from mine, it mentioned his ENTIRE progress on the PS4 being resetted. Thank god for that.

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