Kids in Stonewood only want one thing and it’s disgusting

FortniteBattleRoyale7 - Kids in Stonewood only want one thing and it’s disgusting

So I bought STW on a new Epic account (I am PL 134 in my main account). Not really sure why I did. Just thought it might be some good nostalgia I guess 🤷‍♂️

In one day (several hours of gameplay) I finished the Stonewood questline, SSDs 1-10, and got to level 5 in Ventures (just trying to get the weapon and hero vouchers). This was all legit gameplay (no carrying myself in Ventures with my main account or using my main account to give myself good stuff).

On my main account I had done all of Stonewood (including all the SSDs) on private and so I decided to try doing them on public this time around. That was a bad choice 😂

I got people joining every SSD but they were always like a PL 5 kid who as soon as they entered my storm shield would say stuff like, “Wanna trade? You got a mic? I have a godrolled 130 gravedigger.” No lie. The stereotypes of Stonewood kids are completely accurate. All they want are godrolled 130s and it’s fuckin’ disgusting.

I only had a high PL player (120+) join me once and he was pretty much the only person who actually helped me. The majority of them would usually just try and trade and leave when I ignored them.

One time there were three of them wanting to trade with each other and one was asking me to give them edits so they could build a trade box (he was genuinely flummoxed that I did not already have a trade box built). I didn’t give them edits and they were not helping me in the slightest (not that I actually needed help with my chad trap tunnels). At one point I went over to them and one of them dropped a gun while I was behind him so I picked it up. He was so pissed and started swearing at me. It was a mid-level epic Thrasher with almost no durability left 😂


All in all, Stonewood itself wasn’t that bad. The “helpers” who joined me in my SSDs were utterly useless and just wanted to trade. But in regular missions it wasn’t that bad. There were definitely some kids asking to trade, but they never pushed it and seemed fine if no one wanted to. I only had someone try and box me in once. I’m not entirely sure if that is what he was doing because he was awfully slow at doing it, so maybe he was just randomly placing some walls by me. 🤷‍♂️

Redoing STW from scratch is ridiculously easy if you have already done the game. One thing I did different this time was place a different flex amp in Stonewood, but that presented no challenge. It was crazy how easy all SSD 1-10 were with my crappy trap schematics. I also did not destroy the environment in my Stonewood storm shield so I still have almost all the shrubbery, rocks, and trees in there. It looks a lot nicer than the bare storm shield in my main account.

Oh, and I’m actually listening to all the storyline dialogue this time. I ignored most of it my first time through.

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