Leave The Base, a open world concept for STW

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Fortnite Save The World Leave The Base concept

Hello guys, so, I'll begin this saying that I know this concept game mode will never happen on STW, devs love to say "how STW is complex", and even that this mode can have some "tricks" to make it possible, unfortunately the only thing left to me is dreaming about it, so, let's do it together.

"Leave the base" (or LTB) is a complete rework of how STW currently works, it is based on the BR map, and to this mode be able to exist, it would need a lot of work and dedication. The map above is in 8K resolution, so feel free to open it and take a closer look (and remember, this is only a concept)

What are we playing?

Let's start with the missions, in this concept, there's no more "one mission zones", being an open world, this mode would need some kind of "presets" to load the missions once the zone start. That means you can play a Ride the lightning, Retrieve the data and Deliver the bomb in the same run. So, like I said, once LTB loads, all missions should spawn randomly on the map and they would be ready to be done. Since the objective placement and husks spawns we have is random already, that shouldn't be a problem (making all missions available in the same zone and ready to go probably will be harder to do)

i05jgfp3rcl21 - Leave The Base, a open world concept for STW

That photoshop skills

Leave the base need to be similar to the playground mode, where players are not tied with time limits, and they need to be able to leave the match (going back to the menu) at any time and receive the rewards based on the progress made at the session. LTB sessions could have the same 4 hour time from playground and once a mission is finished, another one spawn randomly on the map (or a different one)

About the missions:

First, we can keep the missions that we already have, the icons on the map represent the type of mission and like I`ve mentioned above, once you deliver that bomb, for example, another mission will spawn in a random place on the map.

c361p6iwrcl21 - Leave The Base, a open world concept for STW

What are those skulls??

Green, yellow, orange and red skulls represent the heat level of the area, that means the number and type of husk that will spawn, it would work like the current beta storm mission.

So the black skull is impossible?

The Black skull represents a new mission, ladies and gentleman, I present you: "Stolen Loot", on this mission, a group of bandits stole some crucial loot (for you and the home base), those bandits are NPC's (something like a defender, except on this mission, they are a group of 5 / 10 bandits and a boss), they build a big castle fortress and they will not surrender easily, meaning they will shoot you (with random weapons) and to retrieve the loot, you need to kill them (you can save the world from bad people too, right?).

0onzwhvwycl21 - Leave The Base, a open world concept for STW

Stolen Loot is an end game mission, for high PL players, meaning those bandits will have a lot of health and the weapons that they have will make a considerable damage to you, so be prepared to build, defend yourself and fight back, but be aware, they can destroy your defenses with explosive weapons and melee bandits can knock you down easily. And, if they kill you, you drop some items (or even weapons), want it back? Stand and fight.

Construction Icon

This is a new mission (build the radar look alike) with new towers / castles / animals to build (because a devastated city needs a piggy made out of brick)

occ9cuyt5dl21 - Leave The Base, a open world concept for STW

Magnifying glass icon


The magnifying glass icon represents a searching area, (iTs SoMeWhErE nEArBy) but in this case, we are not searching for medkits, we are searching for loot, big loot (high tier chests, caches and maybe some bosses), its a POI, if you see this icon, there's something good there, go look for it.

Storm Shield icon

Each storm shield icon represents our current areas, green Stonewood, yellow Plankerton, orange Canny Valley and red Twine Peaks, once you activate them, you will see a list of missions active in that area and their current rewards, it's like a "fast travel" so you can leave LTB session and join that Vbuck mission on Plankerton or Canny valley.

And what about the blue stormshield icon and that purple rocket icon?

Twine peaks is a living proof that we don't need a "story" to have a new area, so an ice area (like Frosnite) and a moon area would be really welcome, because building a ramp and making that angry smasher fly on low gravity would be so much fun, and have you thought about husks trying to reach you with frozen feet and slipping around? that would be fun too, so the blue and purple icons are the fast travel to those new areas

Playing with others

Since the BR map is huge, (compared with our current zones) and since the missions will spawn again when finished, is unlikely that a player will be on the server for the whole 4 hours, meaning that LTB would have a cycle of players that join, play the missions and leave, less empty servers and more people rotation. And it's important, we absolutely need a vote to kick system in this mode.

Lone wolf? go play private, yes, you can. Want to farm? private for you too, and if someone builds a trading box around you, vote to kick, reason? Trading, let everyone know.

It could also support more than 4 players, I'm thinking about 10 or 15, like creative, but that could destroy our CPU (StW iS tOo CoMpLeX) or all the missions would be too easy, so the number of players is a hard thing to solve… maybe 6? We could have some things to encourage people to stay on the same / closer areas, for example, double XP on a mission / area, or some challenges, like doing X, X and X mission for X reward

Walking simulator?

It's important to remember that STW is a cooperative game, so over here we can have planes, golf cars, drifboards, all kinds of vehicles that can transport us around this big map without worrying about balance, there's absolutely zero problems going to point A to B too fast here. This mode will not focus on random husks spawns or big groups of husks scattered around, it will focus on missions and things to do. You won't bump around a random sleeping smasher.


Even that "Leave the base" is a big concept, I don't think it would actually replace all other areas, so in this case, LTB would be a new "skull" on the globe, along with a new blue skull (new ice area) and a little moon with a purple skull (new area too, with moon biome and low gravity).

A mode like this would refresh STW a lot, since 95% of STW players came from BR, the BR map is well known, we all have our favorite spots and an open world would make STW incredibly better. Also, even that, for this mode, the dev's would need to port the BR map to STW and add a few presets / spawns / things, we are not talking about something completely new, it's more like a BR STW crossover and since BR was born out of STW, it will need some work, but cmon its not that hard. Also, BR map changes every season, we could have a little of this too

This mode also encourage more squad's playing together and since it is a concept, it is open to a lot of new missions / things to do / challenges, want to tier up your STW battlepass and unlock new skins / emotes / dances on the STW locker? you can do it here.

So, this is it my friends, all feedback is appreciated. Feel free to share your opinion and ideas

PS: Sorry if I wrote something wrong, English is my second language

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