Leechers are destroying Fortnite and our community, all we can do is watch it happen.

Fortnite home fn battle royale 1268x717 cf9fa8a783c249aa8d6929126e29f5f190620357 1024x579 - Leechers are destroying Fortnite and our community, all we can do is watch it happen.

I hate to see this entire community being on edge constantly about all the Leechers and griefers at the moment, every day I see people venting their frustrations over games with people being afk, trolling or just destroying entire games just for "fun".

Well problem is that they are safe, even till now I have never even heard of anyone in STW that have suffered any consequences.

Fortnite has been in production now for over 6 years, I know that Epic also have changed concepts of the game mid production, but seeing as the game is buildt they should have seen Leeching/trolling players coming, it's pretty much unavoidable but taking procautions is not.. Which should be a standard for ALL gaming companies, the amount of games that "bad" players has destroyed is just disturbing.

Alot of people are doing their best to cope with the situation, some worse than others (I'm guilty), seeing alot of posts lately which include the names or just general gameplay of players who are deliberatly destorying for our community are being taken down cause of a "Witch Hunting" policy.


We are as divided as we can be right now, It's our entire dedicated community vs the turds trying to tear it down to the ground, is it weird that people get upset when the ones destroying the game we love are being protected by some policies of this SubReddit?

This game has been in development for way to long to have any excuse for not having some kind of justice-system implemented.

I hate and love the fact that I found this game, not been this passionate about a game since the first release of World Of Warcraft, and to me personally that says alot.

I love this game and this community, I don't give a single fu*k what happens to the ones trying to destroy it, all I want is for it to stop as soon as possible.

Rant Over.

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