Legit old-schooler, I demand your respect :) PLEASE READ.

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I will first by saying first and foremost, I friggin love this game. I have been in love with Save the World ever since I first got it. I bought the Founders Pack almost immediately after I played the first mission and started to learn building. This was damn near the perfect game in my opinion with room to grow.

As you can see, I rarely play BR (Nothing against it honestly, it is a lot of fun but I'd rather spend my time in STW).

My BR Stats

My STW Stats

I have had every single issue with every single complaint I have been reading for the last month as all of you have. I have had some of the most incredibly frustrating experiences playing this game. More than any other game in my entire lifetime of gaming. I get it. We all do. It's bad.

NOW LISTEN UP! What this is becoming is just a toxic game in itself. Epic Games, mad props to them, is a company (and I am purely speculating these next few parts) that launched an amazing game. In the time they started public beta, there have been immense changes and listened feedback, but the most important is this, and listen up. They stumbled across Battle Royal, a digital gold mine.

From what I can see, it was already set and ready to go for a game and they made the choice to launch it. Wanna know why (again, me speculating) BR gets fun stuff? Because as a business, this is their bread and butter. What do they get for focusing more on BR problems and updates and fun stuff? A fun community that supports them and profitability.

I cannot blame them, though I really wished we got the same courtesy, I am trying to be as rational as I can.


What would I do in their shoes? I would focus on what is going to push my company into the future and unfortunately the only real thing that can do that is profitability. I don't need for them to say why BR gets tons of cool stuff and we get sort of the same, new heroes, new weapon story, etc (and I am not saying new content for STW is an easy task that's slapped together last minute… if you don't know what it is these people do for any of us or the skills required, foresight needed, artwork involved, troubleshooting, etc or hours upon hours to finish weekly deadlines, please think before you criticize. I enjoy all of the updates and new content, but every single time they release…a flood of complaints follow it.

It has got to be a mind numbing experience leading any part of this game, putting in hours of your life to get very little thanks or good job! BACON COSTS TOO MUCH! WHY THIS DO THAT? HELLO?

Look at us, Look at BR. Remember the kid in the room who tattled on everyone? Even though you may not have ever done anything wrong or was told on…what was your take on that kid? At this point, hey, I get it. Enough is enough. We need to start working on a better atmosphere for all of us who really enjoy the game. We need to focus on the good things, start having fun again. Try your hardest to let these current problems not get under your skin.

I am not saying I sit comfortably with the current state of things. I have a feeling BR will become the more heavily focused ship that will eventually become the flag ship of Epic. I don't really care as long as I can still play, build, farm, etc. I have way more good moments, STILL, than I do bad. I still have way more fun in the current state than any other game. I hope it gets all the knickknacks and doodads and glitzy ritzy shasplazzles that BR gets eventually. The game definitely has so much more potential than even these two modes currently offer. I want to see it keep growing and continuing and us as a community need to either have patience or start posting more positive, funny, and happy thangs. We will eventually bury ourselves in the toxicity and I'm over it.

Cheers to a good and fun future.

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