Let us craft different level weapons of our schematics.

index - Let us craft different level weapons of our schematics.

TL;DR: Just let us craft weapons of whatever star-level we require at the time. I don't see a downside.

Longer version: I know this has been suggested before, but I still never understood why it hasn't been added yet. There are multiple benefits to being able to craft different star-levels of your schematics.

  1. Being able to craft guns for low level missions and not waste your mats. You limit my damage to the mission PL anyway, why not give me a chance to compensate for that?
  2. Let friends try out a gun at their level before they buy it themselves (with realistic damage expectations for their level)
  3. Not having to hold back on upgrading your favorite weapon.

I think the last one is the most frustrating for me. I have a couple weapons I really enjoy using and a ton of extra XP from the cram session. I want to upgrade them to Shadowshard but don't really have enough Shadowshard to permanently sustain them all just yet. I'd love to be able to be able to craft one for my highest-available missions (to stay on-par) while also having a couple of lower level ones for all the other missions I play. I don't need the best for everything, but I like having it to help my team more in higher level missions.


This system could also support crafting either shadowshard or obsidian on the fly, to prevent additional strain on already dwindling Epic Support and being able to try out what works better for you personally. I really don't see any way this could possibly be an issue for epic, even in terms of business. If someone has a reason, PLEASE tell me.

Thanks to u/tylerchu for the idea to make this post from a comment on a different post. Sorry for the wall of text.

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