Let’s explore a possible reason so many trolls plague our game ATM

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Disclaimer: If you play BR, don't take any of this personally. There aren't any real defects of character here and this doesn't apply to everyone that plays BR. But a large portion, yes.

Ok. Let's swing back the clock. All the way to Q4 2017. Fortnite has just released BR and people are absolutely flocking to it. It was only a short time before the first real problem presented itself.


Epic had 2 ways in which to handle this issue. First they could ban team killers. Second they could turn off teamkilling.

Teamkilling was 10 times easier to detect than issues we have in StW.

There were just too many people doing it. It was a loss they weren't able to take. So they turned it off.

Before that they were adding plenty of things that players could use to taunt each other in all kinds of ways.

I'm just gonna chunk this at you.


Fortnite Battle Royale is a game that makes a huge amount of money for things that do nothing but make you a bigger troll.

It's encouraged relentlessly by Epic. The more a player gets their lollies from trolling people, the more they are willing to spend on this stuff.

Now we have those exact people excited into that thought model coming to StW to earn VBucks to buy their troll fix in BR.

Yeah, that's the problem, people. Fu*k yeah they are leechers, AFKers and Griefers. That's what these kids have been taught by every BR video they've seen and every time they've dropped into BR.

How to be a d*ck 101

There I said it. And you can downvote it into Oblivion. If you can convince me BR isn't 100% focused on trolling, I will put my head between my legs and kiss my own ass.

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