Let’s talk about Fibrous Herbs

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Nuts & Bolts used to be overused, Bacon used to be hard to get and now Fibrous Herbs are in a similar awkward state; they're overused but hard to get

Right now Fibrous Herbs are used for two of the best items in the game to craft: the Ceiling Gas Trap and Duct Tape. Along with that, they're hard to farm.

I suggest the following changes:

  • Remove Ammo and Flower Petals from bushes, shrubs, etc and only have Fibrous Herbs (or greatly increase the chances of getting Fibrous Herbs) – keep Flower Petals to actual flower beds and Ammo to ammo boxes
  • Increase the amount of Fibrous Herbs you get; generally you'll get 1-2 per search, I suggest upping this to 2-4 on average
  • Change Duct Tape crafting requirements to 1 Fibrous Herbs and 3 Adhesive Resin (I have 1,500 of this stuff sitting not being used)

I believe if these changes are made, it would make farming Fibrous Herbs much more satisfying and useful.


EDIT: Definitely some controversy in the comments; some people are worried this would lead to gas traps being nerfed, I suggest the following changes to balance:

  • Duct Tape is now 2 Fibrous Herbs and 2 Adhesive Resin
  • Plants, shrubs, bushes, etc still drop Flower Petals and Fibrous Herbs but not Ammo (+ higher chance of Fibrous Herbs)
  • The average drop rate of Fibrous Herbs be 2-3; not 2-4

I, believe these changes would improve farming Fibrous Herbs, making it easier and more satisfying without making them over powered.

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