Let’s talk: Advertisements of Fortnite STW

FortniteBattleRoyale7 - Let's talk: Advertisements of Fortnite STW


We can all agree Epic Games is wrong in many aspects, such as communication. But Today, I want to talk about advertisments, more specifically, ads of STW in BR and Creative.

For an unfinished, early-access game that has been "on life support" for the third year, almost nobody from the playerbase of Fortnite: Battle Royale and other games wants to buy STW, for some unknown reasons. But most importantly, the company itself doesn't incentivise people enough to buy their game.

What's the current situation?

Ask yourself, why would a player buy STW.

Standard Founder's Pack – 2 legendary outfits and backblings – 9 uncommon pickaxes (2 from the sets above, and 7 through game progress) – 4 gliders (2 commons and 2 uncommons) – Banners – Daily Founder's Llamas – Free Loot Llamas – Earnable V-Bucks – Stand and Fight music pack – Mythic Storm King loading screen – And sometimes during events, a loading screen and a music pack

So this pack sounds pretty neat. At $40 (or $20 when on sale), you get content that is worth more than twice of what you pay. Of course, I won't talk about higher packs, they need to be revised.

But what's wrong now? Check now the social media, have you seen anything new about STW from the official profiles? No. From a BR player's point of view, this gives thus the impression of STW is not being supported the same way as what he was playing. Because, there's no news from Epic about new content, heroes, weapons, you name it.

Only OGs remember…

Remember when Epic has released videos and showcase arts of Heroes, Weapons, Events? Or when Canny Valley storyline and biome are announced? Or when we used to get Dev Update videos? Unfortunately, none of that happens anymore.


BR's Horde Rush and Storm King

These may be considered as a way to advertise STW, since both LTMs are actually PvE. but what went wrong here?

First, there is zero mentions that the Storm King is from STW – even though you can see him on game modes screen, and that the Horde Rush LTM gives you the idea of how playing STW somewhat looks like. In other words, there was zero advertisements.

Secondly, and in the case of the Storm King LTM, you could get cosmstics that you can use in both modes. But the problem is, well since SK is from STW, what you could get are actually from BR instead. And they aren't even part of the Save the World set. Exception, MSK loading screen.

How to improve adverisements?

What Epic can do in the future is to let know new items and content are coming to STW, new LTMs to BR which includes something from STW and mentions that.

Also, keep using social media platforms so that everyone will consider purchasing STW and who want to buy in-game items will be notified (the same way you do with cosmetics).

Make in-game ads about STW (preferably only on loading screens for non-Founders), As a company, you want to convince (not insist) people to buy something, but what can be better than ads?

If they don't want to buy STW, nor want to see the ads, give the option to pay a monthly fee of 90 V-Bucks ($0.90 worth), 400 VB for 6 months and 750 VB for 1 year.


What do you think? Do you agree Epic needs to be more convincing to attract more players by ads? Do you think this can go wrong too to a certain extent? Let me know in the comments what you think.

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