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July 25, 2017 is the date when Fortnite (STW) has launched to the public as an early-access product on PS4, Xbox One and PC. 2 months later, the side mode – Fortnite: Battle Royale – has made its way to the public with a price tag of zero.

Since then, players have been told STW will be completely free as well once it will quit the early-access in 2018. But then, Epic decided to shift the Free-to-Play release out of 2018, without any sort of ETA. So what went wrong? And is the F2P release actually a good idea for STW?

It's all about incomes and resources

When BR is released September 26, 2017, Epic made – and is still making – much more money than Save the World can, thanks to the optional cosmetics. Their player count is less than 80 millions, which is x times the player count of STW. Therefore, a part of the staff moved on and so did their main focus. The conclusion is, if a game mode makes thousands times more incomes than the other, than the company shouldn't focus on it much.

Still, at BR's launch, an Epic employee has tweeted out PvE is still important to the company, but since then STW was always the game mode who got the stick out of all the swords. Why? Save the World does NOT make money. Because in STW, players can only pay for the access and the FP upgrades. No, people don't pay their V-Bucks for X-Ray llamas unless it has a mythic or decent legendary core item.

Why can people buy the game when it will be free eventually?

Save the world is overall fun and as soon you'll play it whether or not it's for the V-Bucks, you'll love it. But the fact Epic announced back in 2017 it will be free, people are holding back on buying the early-access. To be honest, I was hoping I'd play a game that is 90% finished and has atleast minor bugs here and there, seeing it could have been free in 2018. But the reality is, back when I bought the game at Chapter 1 Season 3 launch, that not even Canny Valley biome and storyline have been implemented, which was a slap in the face to me. I still had high hopes for that, as 2018 ended very well with Frostnite, 14 Days of Fortnite, Act 2 and 3 of Canny Valley and the Storm King.


As far as 2019 goes, decent events, awesome hero system, but the huge letdown for me was Season X and the overall course of Chapter 2 Season 1 whn it comes to development and communication. And as expected, the game is still not free. Atleast people still have the time to buy STW to earn some V-Bucks, am I right?

Now, Free-to-Play? No, I'd rather not

As I've mentioned, people don't want to pay for a game to help it develop, because it will be free at the very end. But so far my two years with STW, I don't see anything good about that anymore. In fact, I can't tell what are the ups for a game mode to make it free to play later on, especially when you have now 2 free game modes. I'd say, toss the F2P release in the trash, as this guides to nothing. Maybe I'm blind, so feel free to tell me why F2P actually is good, but I repeat, I don't see the point, except hurting the beta testers, devs and the company itself.

How I think I can solve it

If announcing a game that it will be free at the end, doesn't take everyone to the way everyone wants, then scrap the F2P release. It's useless, and bad on a perspective of business and development. My alternative is to make STW accessible by paying V-Bucks next to real money, because, well… that's what everyone pays Epic Games for to get what they want. Similar to the Slurp Legends pack, being affordable for 2k V-Bucks, people intend to buy items or packs with the in-game currency rather than real money, even if it is technically the same price. But correct me if I'm wrong, maybe the Slurp Legends pack is not as successful, or more than anything else.

Your opinions?

So what do you think? Do you think STW still has the potential to become a great, finished game, whether or not it is free? Or does the F2P cancellation means the goodbye of Fortnite STW? Please share your thoughts down in the comments.

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