List of 24 Bugs I Encountered Yesterday. Note: we haven’t had a major performance update since before Season 7.

FortniteBattleRoyale1 - List of 24 Bugs I Encountered Yesterday. Note: we haven't had a major performance update since before Season 7.

These are only the bugs I can remember since they all happened yesterday. I have a fiber optic wired connection on my PS4 Pro.

  1. Getting stuck inside ramps and being unable to move. Came with the recent trap "fix"

  2. Traps getting stuck in the middle of builds and blocking off all vision when on the wall behind you. Also came with the recent trap fix

  3. Pump won't shoot

  4. ghost shots – through open fields, trees where there's no hitbox that should block the shot, and walls

  5. hold to swap weapons swaps your guns when tapping rapidly and sometimes just by tapping. Also doesn't consistently swap weapons when you hold

  6. shadows on console

  7. having your gun out, pickaxing, going into build mode, then swapping to your guns always resets to slot 1 on console

  8. end game builds move in slow motion on console – new after the latest "performance" update

  9. Audio cutting out footsteps, axing, and wall destruction

  10. shooting through fully built walls – not only when your player model is sticking through the builds, but also when you have space between you and the wall

  11. getting shot through rifts

  12. instant place not working

  13. building delay after using traps

  14. microstutters

  15. random jump fatigue

  16. frame drops early and mid game

  17. massive frame drops late game – this is more expected since building has advanced and more players survive/know how to tunnel correctly in arena. But recently my game has turned to syrup late game. Builds take forever to appear like they've finished building even when they're already full hp

  18. aim assist DOES NOT WORK correctly – close range, mid range, it will assist your aim half of the time

  19. GETTING SHOT THROUGH WALLS – literally through fully built walls. Bug when your arm is poking through and even when you're nowhere close to the wall

  20. No aim assist when applying a bush

  21. turbo build does not work

  22. turbo build initial place delay reverted to 0.15s

  23. Can't swap weapons in inventory too quickly or it won't register

  24. Guns auto-shooting out of build mode…

  25. heavy sniper not shooting

  26. shotgun delay when you only have one shotgun – originally meant to counter double pump

Evidently the only priority is releasing new content, regardless of the number of bugs it brings. I've heard the argument that "There are separate teams for content and bugs." Of course, but really doesn't seem to be on performance and every content update brings more issues. Playing Champs in arena, on console, is already challenging enough.

Please, just fix the game. We have not had a major improvement to performance in all of Season 8, or 7. Every performance fix has been reversing more bugs that were added to the game.

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