List of changes that we could easily get in ’21

FortniteBattleRoyale4 - List of changes that we could easily get in '21

Explanation for why I said "easily":

The majority of these changes can be done by cloning existing weapons/weapon sets and changing values/graphics/sound effects, by changing light brightness values, and by literally copy + pasting from Battle Royale with some minor adjustments. I'd say that the majority of this could be done in 2 months.

Graphical additions and adjustments:

Copy the sky and atmosphere system on Battle Royale's island into Save the World zones. This should allow for better quality in lighting and a truly "Epic" appearance.

Make nights feel like nights, currently it feels like it's just really cloudy during the daytime. This can be done by lowering light brightness during the night.

Change the weird pixelated fog that hangs out at the edge of the zones. Replace it with a volumetric cloud.

Copy and paste Battle Royale's storm cloud into missions that have a safe zone (ex. Retrieve the Data). The lack of a storm really breaks immersion.

Being in the storm for missions that have a safe zone should be the same or worse than Battle Royale. BR's storm is able to eliminate a player in seconds while STW's storm feels more like a minor annoyance. BR's storm has sheet rain and plenty of lightning, not to mention the ominous purple clouds. STW's storm seems completely harmless by comparison.

I doubt anybody would care if the zones weren't 100% procedurally generated, it would be truly "Epic" to replace existing zone terrain with remastered terrain that is made from the same stuff as BR's Island and Creative's many template islands. Update the game visually so it actually looks like it's no longer in early access.

Misc. additions and adjustments:

Fire spreading, can be triggered by weapons in the Dragon weapons set and other weapons that are locked to the fire element.

Riot Shields can be broken

Map/item pinging

Updated healthbar for enemies

BR's NPCs to replace Survivors. These new Survivor NPCs can sell you crafting materials, give you an additional quest for 100 gold, place a bounty on a specific mist monster that's buffed and runs away from you, and even repair weapons. There should also be an option to send the Survivor back to Homebase, and doing so would count towards saved survivors. Leaving them there wouldn't count.

Base game weapon additions:

  1. Heavy Assault Rifle category, home to the Dispatcher and Warmonger automatic rifles. The Dispatcher uses the Common to Rare Heavy AR's model and SFX from Battle Royale, and is available in Common, Uncommon, and Rare. The Warmonger uses the Epic and Legendary Heavy AR model and SFX from Battle Royale. Fire rate for these rifles should be 11, and the impact should be 52. Base damage for these rifles in ascending order of rarity: 20, 23, 25, 27, 30. Description: "Assault weapon: Heavy. Capable of handling all types of combat scenarios with a strong punch. High rate of fire with solid accuracy when aiming down sights."
  2. Tactical Assault Rifle category, home to the Willbreaker automatic rifle. The Willbreaker uses the Tactical Assault Rifle's model and SFX from Battle Royale, and is available in Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Base fire rate for this rifle should be 14, and impact should be 38. Base damage for this rifle in ascending order of rarity: 21, 23, 25. Description: "Assault Weapon: Tactical. An assault rifle with a tight spread that allows for precise targeting in mobile engagements. Deals good damage, but your aim has to be on point."

Additions to existing weapon sets:

Vindertech Weapons:

  1. Vindertech Discharger: Essentially a reskinned Stark Energy Rifle. Uses energy ammo, and is only available in Epic and Legendary. Base damage, fire rate, and magazine size can be the same as it was in BR, with an Impact of 500 when aiming down sights and 250 when not.
  2. Vindertech Swiftblade: Essentially a reskinned Lightsaber. Blade is retracted when not in use, and extends when you approach an enemy, swing the blade, or equip it. It is available as a mythic that is earned by completing the story mission at Vinderman's mansion. Blade color can be changed via a 7th perk for no cost, and the sword is locked to Energy yet has no additional VFX in-game. Stats identical to the Vindertech Slicer, with a base damage of 50, attack speed of 4, and impact of 40. Attack animation similar to that of the Lightsaber, and can be used to block incoming attacks with the catch that every attack blocked will cost 10 energy. Not having enough energy and trying to block will give you the "not enough energy" notification but still put the sword up in a blocking position. Being attacked while blocking and out of energy will break your shield, leave you stunned for 3 seconds, and incoming attacks (including the one you tried to block) will deal 1.5x damage.

Storm King Weapons:

  1. Storm King's Executioner: Sniper rifle forged from the arm of the Storm King. High enough damage to one-shot a PL160 Smasher when the rifle is at PL130 on Sunbeam with a reload time of 5 seconds (no reload speed perk), and health reduction of 15% max health when the bullet hits a target (can't change this 6th perk).

Spy Weapons:

  1. The Twinsplit: Fires a 3-round burst normally and fires a more accurate 2-round burst when aiming down sights. Uses the same model and SFX as the Epic/Legendary Burst Assault Rifle from Battle Royale. Available in Epic and Legendary rarities. Stats should be the same as the Lynx rifle in the Military set, with the exception of base damage.

New Weapon Set:

Exotic Weapons

  1. Exotic Shotgun category: Matador (Common – Rare) and Punisher (Epic – Legendary). The Matador uses the Charge Shotgun's Common to Rare model and SFX from Battle Royale, and the Punisher uses the Epic and Legendary model and SFX. Base damage, charge time, fire rate, and magazine size are identical to Battle Royale, with the exception of reload time, which is increased to 2.5 for all rarities and has a base impact of 600.
  2. Exotic Pistols category: Shadow Tracker (Epic – Legendary) and Night Hawk (Epic – Legendary). Both are copied straight from Battle Royale, with the exception of base damage and impact. Base damage for the Shadow Tracker: 45, 49, with an Impact of 120. Base damage for the Night Hawk: 54, 60, with an Impact of 500. The Shadow Tracker marks one enemy at a time for 5 seconds, and only marks them if you are aiming down sights. This can be used to draw your teammate's attention or to locate a husk that has escaped your grasp. The Night Hawk has a night vision scope that allows for an easier time spotting targets at night.
  3. Exotic Sniper Rifles category: Storm Scout (Epic – Legendary), Boom Stick (Legendary), and Flamethrower (Legendary). These rifles have their base damage, fire rate, magazine size, and ammo type copied from Battle Royale (Flamethrower = Dragon's Breath Sniper); Impact should be 600, 500, and 500 respectively. The Storm Scout reveals objective locations, next husk spawn positions, and the moving storm's target position when applicable. The Boom Stick functions as it does in BR, where it does some damage on contact and sticks a Clinger grenade to the target. The Flamethrower functions the same as the Dragon's Breath Sniper in BR, setting fire to structures it hits and dealing fire affliction damage to enemies for 5 seconds; this means that the Flamethrower has to be locked to the Fire element.

Just the thoughts of somebody who loves the game.

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