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Melee is in a good spot, I believe. Yes, beehives and poison clouds are annoying. And we are not going to talk about modifiers because those are another problem entirely. But in a regular match, as long as you have a relatively regular framerate a d not much hitching, melee can be used effectively in high levels of play (I know I do). But I have a few minor issues with melee, related to usage and availability.

Issue of usage

For the moment spears, scythes, axes, and clubs are under-utilised, because there are barely any heroes that get full benefit from using them, but axes and clubs are a bit more special as no hero specializes in them at all:

Only 4 heroes can get full benefit of their perks while using any melee weapon: Dim Mak, Thunderstrike, Cloaked Star, and Bladestorm. Out of those 4, only 1 actually improves melee weapons in some way (Thunderstrike), the other 3 only use melee in order to enter shadow stance. Anyway, outside of those 4 then:

  • One hero specializes in spears (Piercing Lotus) and one with scythes (Harvester). Out of the 2, Harvester is an exceptionally strong hero that greatly improves the usage of scythes overall.
  • Only 1 hero can get full benefit of their perks while using axes: Stonefoot, but she only has 1 perk to improve them (which also improves swords and scythes) plus shadow stance, everything else is invested in smoke bomb and crescent kick. Most other edged specialized heroes have to use swords (any of the ninjas with the assassination perk, but also includes Alchemist and Dragon), or scythes (Harvester) in order to get the full benefits of their perks.
  • No hero can get full benefit of their perks while using clubs. Kinetic overload only works on hardware weapons, which means a hero like Tank, that has so many perks improving blunt (clubs and hardware) weapons, cannot get full benefit from clubs.
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While true, a club or axe specialized hero could solve this issue as Harvester more or less did with scythes, it could also not work as well like with Piercing Lotus (amazing hero, but their forte is not completely on the spears). It also still doesn't solve the following issue.

Issue of availability

Getting a melee hero is one thing. Getting the proper melee weapon for that hero is another thing.

Harvester is the most extreme example: in total there are only 4 different weapons she can choose from, 2 of which are energy locked, and 2 are event locked. So practically she has 2 weapon options unless you played on those events.


But sword and hardware users suffer the same fate, just slightly better. Unless you have played in past events, you only have 4 options of weapons for each. At least on almost each event we have got a sword or hardware weapon.

While sniper and assault rifle users have 8 options without counting events.

This is a big issue mostly if you play different heroes constantly, as you would have your backpack and maybe even SSD storage cluttered of many different types of weapons.

Suggested solution

I think reducing the categories of melee will help it be slightly better as you will have more weapon options to choose from for each hero specialized on a very specific category, besides the game already considers it like this in some instances. So instead of having 3 categories with 6 sub-categories (of which all are independent to one another):

  • Edged
    • Swords.
    • Axes.
    • Scythes.
  • Piercing.
    • Spears.
  • Blunt.
    • Clubs.
    • Hardware.

We could "eliminate" the sub-categories and leave it as:

  • Edged. Any weapon that has a blade, be a sword, a dagger, a knife, a scythe, an axe, or even a very sharpened sheet of paper.
  • Piercing. Any weapon that has a very pointy end, like spears, pitchforks/tridents, to giant pencils, and maybe even "combat" pickaxes.
  • Blunt. Any weapon that will leave a bruise, like wrenches, hammers, clubs, bats, crowbars, pipes, frying pans, paddles, even a rock if you like.
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And change all sword and scythe specific hero perks to work with all edged weapons; plus all hardware specific perks to work with all blunt weapons.

This will greatly improve axe, scythe and even sword usage; and give heroes specialized in swords and scythes more options to play with. This change will also slightly improve the newly added Assassination tactical perk of Explosive Assassin (you could use it on Harvester for some extra damage for example). And this way there is no need for an axe specific hero.

Clubs will also be improved without the need to add a whole new hero for them, while hardware weapons will remain unchanged, and hardware users will see themselves with just a few more weapons to play with (there are only 4 different clubs after all, one only reaches to rare rarity, and another one is event exclusive -Sir Hootie!-).

Spear weapons, and spear focused heroes, on the other hand will unfortunately remain unchanged.

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