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Hey everybody, I have had this idea for a long time now. Been playing STW for almost a year at this point and any time I mentioned this idea to someone they tell me I should post it or write to Epic. So, here it goes.

My idea is that we should be able to lock items. By this, I mean allowing me to lock an item so I no longer pick it up unless unlocked afterward. For example, I am a PL 86, I don't need to be picking up rusty mechanical parts, stringy twine, etc.; or even when I have way too much rough ore and planks. I am continuously dropping planks and rough ore and lots of other unwanted items when there's a stack of nuts and bolts on the ground that I couldn't pick up because my inventory is full. Especially when we go into lower missions for whatever reason. I avoid breaking anything because I don't want to clutter my inventory with items I would just want to drop in the first place. If I had the ability to lock these items I feel I have enough of, then it would allow me to easily collect everything that I consider valuable without any extra effort, freeing me to play more efficiently. I feel this could be done the same as clicking in the thumbstick when in our backpack, just like tracking an item. The game has this tracking ability that I can honestly say I have never used. I don't think there are many people that do use it. It could easily replace that. I would love to see this option implemented Epic, please consider it.


On a completely separate suggestion, PLEASE restore my pickaxe quality and damage when in my stormshield, no matter what region. I have been breaking everything in my stonewood base to build some nice looking structures and it is the worst process I have ever had to deal with. 45 damage for a crit hit is insane when I have 1,000+ structures tear down. I have literally tied a rubber band to my button to keep swinging the pickaxe because my hand started to hurt after a while. This should not be a thing that I have to do. That is all. Thank you for your time, attention and consideration, if you read this.

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