Locking what use to be FREE content behind a paywall isn’t okay Epic.

FortniteBattleRoyale6 - Locking what use to be FREE content behind a paywall isn’t okay Epic.

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Frankly, I don’t care who downvotes this. I’ve seen how others are reacting and it honestly baffles me. No, this isn’t because I didn’t get the hero I wanted. We set the precident for those who play the game after us. If we bend the knee here, we’re just telling Epic it’s okay to keep this same cash grab scheme of taking free content and turning it into paid content Just because they know they can make money because people want It. Vbucks can be earned in game, but imagine If they hadn’t reverted the vbucks change during Cram Session. I’ll discuss this more later.

Onto the Controversial Part

Epic took content that was free and put it behind a possible paywall. Content the community has been begging for. Worst part, this paywall is still RNG based so there is a chance you won’t even get what you want. You can end up paying $25 and still not get that hero you’ve been wanting. You know, that hero the ENTIRE community has been asking for.

Players now have to rely on Epic to add it into the normal llama pool many months after it comes out or birthday llamas if they return.

There’s other currency out there that could of been used like tickets, gold, or daily coins We have the lunar new year llamas from last year as tickets. There’s 0 reason why we couldn‘t of gotten Neon Llamas the same or at the very least given a heads up in advance to prepare.

Vbucks can be earned in game! Just save them.

We literally had zero heads up that something like this was coming or even possible. This means those who don’t have all mythics probably spent some of their Vbucks on people llama due to super people occurring a month and a half ago. A lot of people are saving for when they come back and may not have the time to farm vbucks every day.

I’m not arguing and saying vbucks is super hard to get. It’s not terrible. Even with a 33 percent reduction in them due to storm alerts you still can make a few hundred a week at least doing vbucks missions. However, that’s still several weeks in order to afford super people and several more weeks to afford these llamas too. If you are not doing these missions due to not much play time but can only do daily’s it’ll take you 6 weeks to have enough for super people. You’d pretty much be risking not being able to buy them when they come out.


Players who are not max level with all mythics are at a cross roads here: A) Save vbucks for Super People. B) Pay for content that use to be free becaude you missed it.

It’s not something we as a community should be allowing. We’re basically telling Epic they can take all of the future events and put them behind paid currency rather then reintroducing them. This means future players could pretty much be forced to pay money to enjoy the same content we got for free. This isn’t right. I hate the idea of this. I want everyone to enjoy this game and the events equally regardless if they have money or the time to overly farm Vbucks.

Imagine this current situation, but not being able to earn vbucks in game minus logins + daily’s.

Back when cram session came out this was the case. They removed vbucks from the standard alerts and limited a way to earn them. This would mean you had to do 6 weeks of daily’s just to buy 2 super peoples. Something like this where they took content the community wanted and once got for free behind a paywall wouldn’t of gone so well if the users on this sub weren’t rolling in Vbucks from last alert cycle. When the game goes F2P, this very well could be what happens. How mad would everyone be then? Still over joyed to have to spend IRL money on what use to be free content?


Taking FREE event content and locking it behind a paid currency rather than using tickets, daily coins, quest or even earnable llamas isn’t something the community should rejoice in and beg Epic to keep doing.

We set the tone for things going forward. It’ll be our fault when this game goes F2P and they limit the ability to earn vbucks so the new players are paying IRL money, or missing out on event content we all enjoyed for free. We’ll be the reason why Epic thought it was okay. We need to look out for the future of the community and not be so blinded by greed to see the issue.

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