Loot Lake Rune Event Updated Megathread

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The Runes are still going and you guys have done an awesome job on activating them.

Please use this megathread to keep track of where the runes are on the map and discuss what could they could possibly mean.

Runes one through three have been completed already, and we're waiting on the fourth.

Rune 1

The first rune was activated by players pickaxing different"sub"-runes the rune until they it reached the designated location.

  • Paradise/Lucky Rune

  • Fatal Rune

  • Runes Launch You If You're On Top

  • Shifty Shafts Rune

  • Rune Has Made It's Way To Loot Lake

  • bfsn3i - Loot Lake Rune Event Updated Megathread

    Volcano Has Started To Smoke

Rune 2

The Second Rune has appeared above Loot Lake along with 3 lasers. Your job was to hit the lasers with your pickaxe to face the rune at Loot Lake. Everyone had to work together to try and split up between the 3 lasers to lock them in position.

Rune 3

The third rune appeared today (04/25) and the community was very quick to put it in it's place. Players had to dance near the rune across all servers until it's meter filled.

  • bhan7m - Loot Lake Rune Event Updated MegathreadImage of Rune

Rune 4

The fourth rune has appeared above loot lake.

  • A bouncer appeared on the monitors

The fourth rune was completed by users hitting 9 tiles until they all matched the same color, and was completed faster than the third.

Rune 5

The hologram has spawned in loot lake and we are waiting for the next step.


Rune 5 was activated by feeding the volcano materials and ammo. Rune 5 seems to be active again. Unknown if it's a bug or Epic's doing. Fill
the meter in the center of the rune icon by feeding the volcano once more.

  • wZRAY23 - Loot Lake Rune Event Updated Megathread

    Rune 5 is near Salty Springs
    • 2uQiUR0 - Loot Lake Rune Event Updated Megathread
      Map Location
  • Rune 5 seems to have gone missing.

  • UCWyacg - Loot Lake Rune Event Updated Megathread

    The rune is back in the volcano

THE VOLCANO IS ALIVE! The volcano seems to be idle for now.

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