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Lootpool Concept

Hey guys,

after careful consideration of most of people's complaints, wishes and suggestions regarding this season's lootpool and from recent seasons in general (from casuals and pros alike) I made this lootpool concept. It aims to combine the best things from the first Chapter with those of the second while still retaining some great current elements of the lootpool of this Season. I must point out that this concept is for public matches, not Arena (which I can also produce given the feedback of this one) and partly opinion-based (I'm open to suggestions) . I intendedly left out Mythics and Exotics to simplify the list and due to them being unpredictable and hard to balance. Furthermore, I advise you to read my upcoming balance changes/adjustments that I believe are needed:


Common to Rare Infantry Riffles (unchanged)

Epic and Legendary Burst Riffles (unchanged)

Common to Rare Surpressed SMGs (changed)

*rate of fire increased from 7.8 to 9

*damage buffed from 20/21/22 to 22/23/24

*damage fall-off reverted to how it was in the latter Seasons of Chapter 2 thus making it the SMG with the most range while still not being an efficient AR-alternative

Uncommon to Epic Tactical SMG (changed)

*rate of fire increased from 9 to 13

*damage nerfed from 18/19/20 to 16/17/18

The magazine size stays at 25 bullets.

Epic to Legendary Compact SMG (unchanged)

(The Compact SMG is not the same one that you may believe to be in the game right now but is still available in Creative. It has a bigger magazine size at 40 and deals 21 damage per shot for the Legendary variant.)

Common to Rare Tactical Shotgun (changed)

*damage nerfed from 72/76/80 to 67/70/74

*headshot multiplier increased from 1.5 to 2.0

*draw speed swapped with the Pump Shotguns

Uncommon and Rare Pump Shotgun (changed)

*damage buffed from 80/90 to 90/95

*headshot multiplier increased from 2.0 to 2.25

*drawspeed swapped with the Tactical Shotguns


(These changes aim to make the only two existing Pump shotguns viable and capable of one-shotting fully shielded enemies. At the same time, they will no longer be capable of two-shotting fully shielded enemies with just bodyshots. The draw speed increase will make them the slowest shotguns when it comes to equip time but not by a big amount. This will make them not too favourable compared to other shotguns which often lead to it being vaulted.)

Epic and Legendary Double Barrel Shotgun (unchanged)

Epic and Legendary Heavy Shotgun (unchanged)

Common to Rare Pistol (changed)

*damage nerfed from 24/25/26 to 23/24/25

Common and Uncommon Flint Knock Pistol (unchanged)

Epic and Legendary Dual Pistols (unchanged)

Epic and Legendary Hand Cannons (unchanged)

Uncommon and Rare Hunting Riffle (unchanged)

Rare Bolt-Action Sniper Riffle (unchanged)

Epic and Legendary Heavy Snipers (unchanged)

Rare Rocket Launcher (unchanged)

Epic and Legendary Grenade Launcher (changed)

*Grenade Launcher ammo can be refilled with Common Grenades.

Common Grenades (unchanged)

Uncommon Clinger Grenades (unchanged)

Uncommon Shadow Bomb (unchanged)

Rare Boogie Bomb (changed)

+maximal stack size reduced from 10 to 6

Rare Impulse Grenade (unchanged)

Rare Stink Bomb (unchanged)

Rare Glider (unchanged)

Epic Grappler (unchanged)

Epic Rift-to-Go (unchanged)

Common Bandage (unchanged)

Uncommon Medkit (unchanged)

Uncommon Small Shield Potion (unchanged)

Rare Big Shield Potion (unchanged)

Epic Slurp Juice (unchanged)

Legendary Chug Jug (unchanged)

Car (unchanged)

Boat (unchanged)

Chopper (unchanged)

Baller (unchanged)

Uncommon Spike Trap (changed)

*damage nerfed from 150 to 100

*deactivates once the player who placed it got eliminated

Rare Bouncer (unchanged)

Epic Launch Pad (unchanged)

So, what do you guys think about this proposal? Feel free to give me feedback or ask question whom I will do my best to answer and clarify.


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