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FortniteBattleRoyale6 - Lost in Transit feedback

I played about 10 of these tonight, had a lot of fun. They remind me a lot of encampment missions. There's great potential in here, we need less "stand in a single place for X minutes" objectives, and this mission is great at that.

Positives that I think should be kept:

  • The storm promotes a different kind of gameplay. The much-heavier Spawn of husks combined with a DoT and a vision unpairing debuff makes for a bit of an unnerving experience that gives me a great rush when playing, it feels more active than the game of passively watching things dying to traps that is usual defenses. Also, people are thinking about defenses more. Survivalist Jonesy, Campfires… A game mode with a meta that's completely different than GAS TRAP is very refreshing.

  • The real huge random waves of husks that Spawn are great for daily kill missions. And it's just FUN.

There's lots of room for improvement, though. I suggest, a variation of the Encampment treatment. This is:

  • As soon as we finish all the trucks, pull us out and finish the mission.

There's a problem, though. Let's check some of my stats: In about ten missions, I failed twice, and completed the mission all the other times in less than eight minutes. I didn't mark down the exact times, but I am sure none of them took longer than that. I know for sure my quickest one took THREE MINUTES. Everyone ran in a different direction and kind of took care of a truck by himself. Also, both ones I failed were because a random kid ran around, triggering trucks and ignoring them, until their life pools reached zero, while we were already taking care of other trucks.


So, my complete "overhaul" of the mission system would be something like:

  • Increase the number of trucks from 5 to 10.
  • Make 5 of them defense and 5 blugo/NEDKIT.(Or randomize, more inclined towards defense)
  • Add a truck that's like a NEDKIT. It gives you a signal on the map that you have to search, you reach it, pick up the parts and fix the truck.
  • As soon as 5 trucks of any kind are completed, you don't "fail" the mission anymore, just like encampments, but you can keep going towards 10.
  • If you complete the 10, you're pulled out early. (Even if they fail, if they already completed 5)
  • Make so that only two truck defenses can happen at once. This way the mission can't end in a flash.

With these modifications, it doesn't look TOO MUCH like encampments, but it still is something fun, different and if you work hard, you are gifted by leaving earlier.

What do you guys think? u/Magyst

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