Lost it’s direction, and lost my faith in the game

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I’ve been playing since day 1 on fortnite, through most of the game and most of the original content, seen the scavenger event and the original dam buster, the wonderful fortnitemares event last year, and played a lot of the game and currently level 124

Though from talking through the game with a friend, I feel like the game has lost its creative direction, it doesn’t understand where it’s going now and is just trying to do what it thinks to keep short term players on the game to please them, when the reason they was on the game was because of the long term goals, I know there are some long term goals and it’s slightly harder than it was but compared to the original method of completing twine it’s nothing

Examples are nerfing twine in March/April, comparing this to now twine would have been near impossible without heavy usage of traps, and prep, now it feels like turrets and teddy’s and your good yeah you go afk for a few it’s all good no worries

They added the recombobulator, with this there was no wrong on weapons but they also made weapons so much stronger compared to before and now feels like you don’t need to do anything any more, plus the fact everyone has the same weapon now…

Subsequent patches since then have reduced spawns even more on the game when fighting the storm and if you’ve played repair the shelter missions sometimes you get about 5 enemies on screen at once attacking shelter and that’s it!

The changing of the ssd’s compared to before with the ability to do all 10 in a row with no missions between, granted it’s now locked down with the mission to progress but the progress made was ridiculous


I feel like I could give creative direction a bit of forgiveness if the game was getting fixed but with every patch we seem to find the same bugs re/appearing that were fixed months ago, as in the event store…

Most of all the game was supposed to be free in 2018, and I can’t imagine when this was said they’d have thought they would be nearly in November, peak Christmas season, and there game still isn’t free, hanging on to anything they can do to get attention with the grave digger, trying to stop trading as much by giving people the weapon but trying to drag them back again

The game promised so much last year, before Christmas the game had so much room to grow, and in the 3 months at the beginning of the year when everyone jumped on br was when the game was truly lost, and now it feels like the game is trying to patch itself up desperately cus it notices it downfalls

Just wish stw had been given the attention it deserved for such a creative and brilliant opening for the game only to be let down by the support it was given, and the lack of direction it followed there after

Can understand if some people don’t like this, it’s understandable as I read a few of these in the past but honestly it’ll become clear with enough time played if you reach that far that the game isn’t going anywhere fast, and there trying to get the content on the game that you’ve already got past and done

Thanks for reading if you got this far :p

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