Loved -“The door to darkness”. It’s the first event thingie I’ve done in months.

FortniteBattleRoyale5 - Loved -“The door to darkness”. It’s the first event thingie I’ve done in months.

This is coming from someone who didn’t even finish the broken time story bit mind you. Here’s a few quick points of feedback, on what I liked and thought could be improved on this first mini-episode:


Nice job, good stuff:

  • Willow. I know she was most likely designed for BR, but they brought her to life in the way StW can bring characters to life that BR just can’t. By actually giving her character and letting us watch it / hear it develop.
  • The mission type. It’s pretty hard to fail, and honestly? That’s good for a mini event in my book. Part of the reason I loved this whole story line, is because I did the whole thing in one night between work shifts. And I didn’t fail and have to redo anything, not once. Personally I don’t play StW for gritty super strategic challenges anymore. This was light and easy to access and enjoy.
  • Setting / soundtrack. I know, the edge is still largely recycled hexsylvania assets. Which we’ve been getting every year around Halloween since launch. But the hotel is nice. And it’s new. Plus, StW could benefit from more large scale structures. Grasslands is my least favorite biome, because it’s so barren most often. The hotel has a fair bit going on. That music is very thematic and I believe new as well.

Could be improved upon

  • Yes, I recognize the hexsylvania assets. Including the same takers from last year. They’re nice, yeah. I remember my first time playing Fortnitemares and being excited. Yes. Please don’t be game freak with gen 1 of pokemon. We get it, this is something we love. That doesn’t mean you need to keep reusing all of its assets. More things like willow and the hotel will be appreciated fondly.
  • I liked that the quests were quick, and pretty hard to fail, but there’s got to be another way to do story / event quests than “find 3 X on map”, “break X to acquire Y”, and “kill husks to acquire X”. Here, I’ve even got some suggestions. Lure a certain type of husk to a certain area, perhaps near willow / a SEE bot, have her drain them / him scan them. Implement some unique drops from different structures that will let you build a unique item to progress a quest. Have a hidden objective that you need to save survivors to get clues to the location of. How about afflicting so many husks with a certain status effect? There’s a lot of options here is my point.
  • There does seem to be a few bugs still, and I don’t mean in general obviously – but with the quest / event in particular. I haven’t been keeping up with the subreddit, so I’m not sure if the ghost boss material memes are about the end mission bug or not, but that seems likely. I’ve also lost some dialogue subtitles for the quest to other things, like ZAPP in particular. Otherwise, it seemed not terribly inoperable – which was a relief.

All in all, I give this mini event 4 stars for what it is. As mini questlines go, I quite enjoyed this one. Cheers.

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