Low level observations of a outlander.

FortniteBattleRoyale2 - Low level observations of a outlander.

I am new to the game and have been playing for less then a month. I have watched youTube videos (mostly David Dean) and am trying to learn to play the game at a high level. I really like the mobility and resource gathering abilities of the outlander class combined with trap tunneling and have been maining enforcer Jess since I got her. I understand that afkers will really destroy the opinions of any class, but I wanted to share some observations that I have noticed at lower levels.

On all my missions that are defense based I will be pretty close to the highest combat score. This is due to trap tunnels and teddy dmg. I try not to shoot much to save durability on my weapons and to conserve my mats for Soloing my SSDs. (in frostnite, I forgo all weapons but a double barrel in favor of traps and building)


I realize that when I play with teammates who respect the Tunnels it tends to be an easy defense with the odd pathing issue that teddy and quick fixes can cover. With teammates that will go try to spawn kill or who are running around in my tunnels/setting off propane that my combat scores take a huge nose dive. And I am forced to use my guns more to cover the wayward husks/smashers and feel obligated to do more to help the team to avoid contributing to the 'outlanders get carried' mentality.

I understand that many people are dealing with this by soloing and by playing with friends, but its really not always an option especially at a low level.

TLDR: Just started playing, I like playing as a trap tunneling outlander. Realized that other peoples play style doesn't always mesh with mine and when that happens I feel obligated to do more to avoid being seen as getting carried.

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