Low levels in high pl missions never fail to amaze me

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Today I started a pl 64 4 player repair the shelter and got matched with a trio of pl 37,40 and 41,I was like “This bullsh*t everytime,I hope they’re useful at least”.

One immediately got to the shelter a started building the defense,I was surprised so in the meantime I got around smashing stuff for getting Canny’s questline items,rescuing survivors,getting the cakes,usual stuff

Prepare your popcorns ‘cause the fun begins now: one of the player says “Is someone able to craft a Nocturno ?”,I reply “yes but it’s only lv 1” and at the same time another replies “yeah pl 82”,I was already asking myself why the hell a pl 40 had a pl 82 weapon but let’s go on,they both express their terror in chat: “YOU HAVE A NOCTURNO AND YOU HAVEN’T LEVELED IT UP ??? DUDE WTF”,in the meantime I red the phrase again like the Spongebob meme but going on,I replied “It’s just a reskinned Siegebreaker,I prefer the Silenced Specter,overall damage is better” (kudos to our lord WhiteSushi for the tier list) They ask: “Have you tried the Siegebreker ?”,I reply: “Yes,pl 82 on that too” Chat stays silents for a good 20 seconds,as if the kiddos were like “oh shit,he tried ‘em both,we have no point !” At this point one of them says: “Never tried it ‘cause I don’t have it,may I have for trying ?” I don’t really like to craft guns to lower levels because I consider it boosting and I never boost anyone,but they were doing a pretty good job with the defenses so I said “if you give me at least the malachite and the powercell sure”,they reply: “How many malachite ?” “11” “I have only 20… but I can give you a pl 104 quad launcher with god perks”

Of course they were the usual trading kiddos,should have expected that,so I said “Can you give me at least the powercell” ? One gave me five and said “to compensate the malachite”,fair trade (I have over 800 malachite so I really didn’t care lol),I crafted him one and he took it,no scams no tricks,it was a fair trade.

Then the pl 37 comes in and says “can u craft me a silenced SCEPTER as well ?” (He kept calling it “scepter” the whole game,I started imagining my UAH transforming Sailor Moon style and using the Specter as a Scepter) and proceeds to give me one powercell,so I craft him one too.


After the tradefiesta we finally start searching for modules and the pl 37 asks “can I add you if I want more powerful guns 😀 ?”,I was so laughing inside,I replied “it’s a one time offer,I don’t boost people”

I had some problems with the modules and found only 6/8,so we had to do the optional defense,during the defense the pl 37 comes to me again and says “this is actually good,can I have another for another Powercell ?”,I didn’t reply instantly ‘cause I was lasering husks,so he asked again,then,after 10 seconds,he realized “wait the defense started ???” I was right in front of him Shooting husks He was right in the middle of the mess

I thought “damn this is the dumbest kid I’ve ever met”,when the defense ended I hopped on my hoverboard to look for the other modules and he types in chat (caps ofc): “WHAT ABOUT MY GUNS,WAIT”

With all the patience of the world channeled in me I quietly replied “modules first,trades later”

After finding the 2 missing modules,the pl 41 that stayed silent all the time writes in chat: “The gun seems powerful,I would like to confront the numbers with the Siege,can I have one as well ?” and he proceeds to drop every single component needed for a 3 star gun,I took only the powercell and said “that’s enough,it would not be fair for the others” and I craft him one too and drop it In that moment,the pl 37 rushes in like a truck,steals the gun from the floor,leaves the mission and then proceed to add me to his friends. To say I was shocked was not enough,the pl 41 was ofc a bit sad,so I gave him the powercell back and crafted him two Specters.

But fear was not over yet,the terror was high in the eyes of the low PLs “3 players in a 4 player mission ??? We’re not gonna make it omg”

We destroyed everything (or rather,I did it,they kept dying),so at the end they said “Wait we did it ? How ?? In other missions it’s much more difficult !” While facepalming myself irl I say “maybe because you are playing in late canny when you should be in goddamn plankerton,stop the fu*king trading and start playing like normal people you sloths !”

They won’t forget this experience (and probably neither will I)

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