Made an entire group of leechers/beggers actually play the objective and we had a blast!

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Hey, gonna try to keep this short since it's 3AM and I really need to go to bed.

So, I'm up late farming for V-Bucks so I can buy the battle-pass for BR tomorrow. At 2AM the daily quests reset so I had one pop up, destroy park seesaws, easy. I also only needed 150 gold to get 750 so I could buy 100 flux which I need for my mega-base.

I enter a PL 70 mission, Fight Category 3 storm, two of them were floating, easy win. Three people enters the game. Lo and behold it's three kids, probably 12-13 years old and around Powerlevel 40-47. They instantly start trading with each other, screeching and whatnot.

I increase the difficulty to +4 players because I need that damn gold before I go to bed and I also found all the seesaws.

Now the fun begins, they start following me around "You get 130 weapons" to which I reply "yes" (I don't btw) and they all go "come here, come here, come here" and I just say "play the damn mission and start building" and they start building to my surprise, but stop as quickly and keep asking me for weapons.

So I got an idea, and before you say anything. Yes I am an as*hole. I tell them all that if they help me win the mission at any cost, they will all get a 130 energy SCAR (the perfect bait) and I told them to add me.


Was trying to keep this short but yeah.. Anyways they start building like fu*king maniacs, we start the mission and I've NEVER seen people trying to win a mission so damn hard, we were facing level 80 husks, 3-4 smashers at a time and they just kept at it. They were teamworking with me and eachother, asking for revives, telling us where the monster were etc etc. To be honest I've not had so much fun in a long time, even though they were clearly underleveled.

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These fu*kers did NOT want to lose, because that would mean they'd also lose a SCAR. After 8 minutes of pure husk-hell we won, 10% left on the Atlas, barely.

They add me, and for a second I was actually thinking about giving them something for actually contributing and giving me a once in a lifetime experience of what Fortnite can actually be. Then I saw their Playstation header (for you PC/Xbox player it's an image of your choice on your profile) and they had screenshots of their inventories with LOADS of 130 weapons, so they were probably scammers/beggers/leechers, you name it.

So I blocked them all and now I'm writing this before getting a good nights sleep. So if you ever want someone to help you play the objective, tell them they'll get a free weapon afterwards.

Thanks for reading, goodnight!

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