Mai- The Caretaker(guardian warcry concept)

FortniteBattleRoyale5 - Mai- The Caretaker(guardian warcry concept)

Mai- The Caretaker


“The best day of my life was the day I was thrown to the wolves”

I was in an easy life before all this, my family took care of everything. All I had to do was go with the flow and everything would be okay. Sadly the good life turned sour once the storm hit for the first time, everyone panicked and I was told to just stay in my room. As time went on nothing happened I just stayed put, eventually I began to get hungry so I foolishly went to go find some food in the kitchen when I noticed everything was quiet. I checked all over the estate for my parents but all of their belongings were gone, checking any other room seemed untouched, after checking my mothers belongings I found a note and all it said was “Im sorry but we had to escape quick.” Was that it? Did they really leave me to save themselves? I couldn't dwell on the thought since I heard monster noises from the other room and had to run before they found me. Having no idea what to do I just wandered until eventually I found a group of people who were defending themselves and after saving one of them I was welcomed. They were experts at killing these monsters which they referred to as “husks” and I envied their strength. One day we got attacked and it wasn't anything out of the ordinary until one of the ones with a purple glow was defeated and something fell from above them. It was tiny and didn't move or attack us after, it just looked at us. Apparently the group I was with knew these things well and one immediately ran at it with a weapon in hand, I don't know what came over me but something in me said “Protect” so I guarded it with my body and was hit quite hard in the back by a pipe.


Despite the pain I was in, all I heard were angry voices behind me. Things about how it was going to help the husks hurt us or it was evil and I questioned it all and them all. Are we just a pack of hungry wolves? This creature is defenseless, and they tell me I will die from it. I picked the poor thing up and it kind of smiled at me, this thing was not evil and I knew it. They said they couldn't let me keep it around them and told me to put it down or they will shoot it anyway, faced with a decision I looked back at it just once and my mind was made, I walked away with the creature in hand and never looked back. Now taking care of this thing was my duty, sadly I knew nothing about it but I feel like it knew I gave up those people for it. Time passed and I decided to name the little guy Lil’ Mai, even if it was weird to name it after me but I knew I wanted him to teach people he could be a protector too. So I taught him how to shield me which was hard at first since his shield seemed to hurt but eventually he learned to tone it down for me. Once he was ready I commanded him to keep me protected from survivors and husks as we rescued more tiny creatures, sometimes bullets would still hit me but I knew I had to keep moving for the cause. I trained all of them to be able to shield and be nice to humans and it was a success, showing survivors what they could do was a dream come true for me and them. Last month I discovered a group of survivors who told me about a place called homebase. They say its safe and I thought of all the small lives I had to take care of, we banded together and made a large dome shield as we approached this scary place called homebase, this may be for the better of us all or the end of my students as a whole.

Hero:Caretaker Mai(Mythic Soldier)


War Cry


Lefty n’ Righty

Teamperk: No more wolves: With each ability use the user emits a medium aoe that applies 15% damage reduction to any allies in the area for 5 seconds. (3 epic or above heroes)

Standard perk: War Cry now applies a shielder on every ally effected for 25% of your max shields applied as overshields.

Commander Perk: War Cry applies a shielder on every ally effected for 50% of your max shields applied as overshields, additionally getting 12 kills during warcry now spawns Lil’ Mai on you, becoming a super shield for the cooldown duration.

Thanks for reading, this was a change from my normal style of concept so if its bad i apologize.

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