Major Oswald’s target information: The Husks

FortniteBattleRoyale4 - Major Oswald's target information: The Husks

Common known husks

  • Basic husks

Those are the most basic enemies in the game. They are easy to counter with anything. But they can become a problem if left alone and when they come in mass numbers.

  • Huskies

Fat husks that are tougher than normal husks and they're a bigger threat to your buildings. They do more damage than the basic husk. So focus your priority on eliminating them if you see them.

  • Pitchers

Those husks like baseball too much that they're throwing bones on you! Those husks can throw bones at you when you are in their range. But they have a weaker health than basic husks. So they are easy to counter.

  • Cowboys (Zappers)

You have Yee your last Haw! They have a pinpoint aim and they do significant damage to you. So consider countering them first. Taking cover behind any wall can block their shots.

  • Lobbers

Those ladies are in for taking down your base! They throw skull-shaped projectiles from great distances that can become an even bigger problem than huskies. The good news is you can shoot down their projectiles or building a "lobber shield".

  • Riot Husky

HBI OPEN UP! They have taken a fridge's door only to make it like a riot shield. Those husks can do a knockback damage to players and do even greater damage than the normal husky. Shooting them from the small opening, shooting any piercing weapon like Xenon bow, Neon Sniper or Ghost Pistol can take care of them, also going around them 360 degrees can make you have enough time to shoot their backs.

  • Propane husks

Those gas tank holders are like a human explosive bombs if they went too close to you or to the structures. Or they'll throw their gas tank at their target and they'll be like normal huskies. except they have lower HP than normal husky

  • Beehive husk

Their beehive is granting them small armor. Breaking it will make them loose that armor. Then continue shooting /swinging your melee weapon at them.

  • Healer Husks

Those nurses have a 2 tiles area of effect healing that heals the husks. They are a big problem if there are more than three. As they will constantly heal each other and the husks nearby

  • Husklings

Look how cute they are, until you see your health bar is missing 75% of it. They have a faster attack speed than all the husks. But they are perhaps the weakest husks in the game. Most of the time they get taken down in just one or two shots/swings of any weapon.

Mist Monsters

  • Troll

Annoying little pests that are harmless to players. But they troll the player by taking the bluglo. It's like Whack-A-Mole game.

  • Blaster (Found in Plankerton and higher)

Those one eyed tall monsters can shoot a continuous laser to you and improve their accuracy the longer they shot. Taking cover behind walls is advised. They are easy to headshot due to their bigger heads.

  • Shielder

Those small mist monsters may not look like a threat to players. But they create a shield on husks making the husks 2 times tougher. Taking them down will remove the shield.

  • Field shielder

An area of effect mist monsters that cover 1 tile and block most kinds of damage. But they are weak against some special piercing weapons like Neon Sniper Rifle and Xenon Bow.

  • Flingers

An improved version of lobbers. But not only they throw skull-looking projectiles. They throw husks as well! But they have a slower rate of fire (Flinging?). A lobber shield and anti-air traps can help countering their projectiles.

  • Takers

(Flying mist monsters!)-Kyle. Those ghostly looking mist monsters deals heavy damage and can make a dive attack that does an even heavier damage and can one hit DBNO a player at high PL missions. Build a single wall to stop their dive attack or take them down from a distance.

  • Smashers

LEMME SMASH! The biggest threat to your buildings! Once they charge, they'll destroy anything in their path and do heavy damage to players. There are many ways to stop their charge:

1-As a constructor. A timed Bull Rush while a smasher is charging will stop him without taking damage.


2-As an outlander. A well placed T.E.D.D.Y can stop their charge.

3-Tier 3 buildings can stop their charge at the cost of taking 30% of the structure's health. Constructor's B.A.S.E can reduce that to at least 15%

  • Mini bosses

They appear with several modifiers. They have very high hitpoints. More than their normal counterparts. They deal the heaviest damage and can destroy tier 3 structures in few hits. A smasher mini boss can destroy tier 3 walls with any material instantly in a single charge. They also appear as elementals in specific missions.

Elemental husks (Found in Plankerton and higher)

  • Fire elemental husks

Does anyone smell something burning? Those husks do double damage to "wood structures and cause affliction damage to players if hit. Fire elemental Smashers can instantly destroy a Tier 3 wood wall structures in a single charge.

Weakness: Water elemental weapons does 100% damage to them. And building out of Brick or Metal is advised.

  • Water elemental husks

It's pretty cold out there. Those husks do double damage to Brick structures. And snare the players by 50% (slowing their movement speed) if hit. Water elemental Smasher can instantly destroy Tier 3 brick structures in a single charge.

Weakness: Nature elemental weapons does 100% damage to them. And building out of Metal is advised

  • Nature elemental husks

Get ready for a shocking surprise. Those husks do double damage to Metal structures. And drains the energy of the players if hit. Nature elemental smashers can destroy a Tier 3 metal structures in a single charge.

Weakness: Fire elemental weapons does 100% damage to them. And building out of Brick or Metal is advised.

Event/Quest based husks

  • Chrome Husks (Blockbuster event only)

The highest health in the game. They go DBNO if not taken down with weapons other than Fire or Water elemental weapons. They're impossible to eliminate in the highest power level missions if they appear as mini bosses.

  • Blackboot Ayers

A mini boss version of the cowboy that only appears in a special mission called Gravestone. Keep your distance so you don't get hit by his heavy hitting zap.

  • Vlad (The Crypts Dungeon)

This is a mini boss version of a taker that appears in The Crypts. He disappears for a minute once he lost 50% of his health. But once he appear again, he becomes completely immune to damage and destroys anything and have a life leech effect on players for 15 seconds.

  • Vlad (Fortnitemares quests)

Same as Vlad except he goes enrage mode once he loses 70% of his health and has life leech.

  • Vampire takers

These takers have a life leech effect on dealing damage. There are a special takers in "Survive The Night" mission where they have the same mechanic as Vlad.

  • Villagers

Angry Mobs that can throw fire torches rather than bones and their projectiles have a bigger area of effect damage. Can only be found in Hexylvania and Dungeons.

  • Singe

A smasher fire elemental mini boss can only be found in The Inferno Dungeon.

  • Sog, Murk, Flood, Surge

Aka the grotto monsters. Those four mini boss version of Blasters are harder to eliminate due to "shielder" modifier and water elemental. Can only be found in The Grotto dungeon.

  • The Pusher

This smasher has a special modifier not possible to be found anywhere in the game. He can push the players away rather than getting them closer. Can only be found in The Labyrinth dungeon.

  • The indestructible brothers (War games)

Those two smashers are unkillable have two stages:

1-They will target the player

2-They will target structures

Those smashers only appear if you select "Double Trouble" modifier

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