Make friends with the new Demolitionist Constructor: How the “Enduring Machine” durability perk works.

index - Make friends with the new Demolitionist Constructor: How the "Enduring Machine" durability perk works.

Demolitionist has a perk called Enduring Machine that states "Your weapon takes 60% less durability damage while on BASE." It doesn't specify a few things so after some testing, here's the run down on what's going on.

⦁ This perk ONLY applies to tiles affected by Demolitionist BASE. There are other similar perks that apply to heroes while on any BASE floor, but this is not one of them. Sucks for the Demo Constructor.

⦁ This perk applies to EVERY hero in tile spaces affected by Demolitionist BASE. The wording doesn't specify that and seems to imply that this affects only the Demo Constructor but this is not the case. Sucks for no one, amazing for everyone! Yes, even you, Love Ranger Jonesy/Raven!

⦁ What does it mean to be "in tile spaces"? As long as any part of your hitbox (head, toe, butt, whatever) is in the same 1×1 space of a floor, stairs, or roof, you qualify. Note: Standing on a wall piece does not qualify because it seems like walls just divide 1×1 spaces instead of truly reside in them. Also, standing at the very top of a slanted stair piece seems to put you in the next tile above so you won't qualify unless you SLIGHTLY have your toe in the affected space.


TL;DR But what does this all really mean?

Well, take for example the Dam Buster rocket launcher. Everyone knows this thing is a badass but breaks fast. 15 durability, each rocket eats up 1 durability, so 15 rockets before it breaks. While on Demo BASE it only uses up .4 durability per shot (60% reduction) … at 15 durability per gun for a total of….. 38 ROCKETS! That's the amount of rockets you get in about 2.53 launchers. WHAT EFFICIENCY!

Yes, standing on Demo BASE yields you 38 rockets per launcher instead of 15, cool. EVEN BETTER, this applies to ALL weapons, not just explosives. If you want to be efficient with resources, stand on Demo BASE to save you on a TON of materials in the long run.

Make friends with a Demo Penny/Bull.

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