Make Good, Postmortem Update, and More!

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Heya folks,


We recently released the v5.20 update which introduced several crashes as well as severe bugs. Here are the problems that we ran into following the update:


Server Crashes

v5.20 introduced 2 server crashes; One regarding the overall ability system and the other regarding end-of-mission wrap up.These crashes were addressed shortly after with a hotfix. (Fixed on the 8/9 – 5.20 Hotfix)


Failed Mission Activations

For example, The tutorial version of Deliver The Bomb mission was missing the required objective when revamped which would prevent players from activating the mission and progressing. (Fixed on 8/15 – v5.21)


Item Duplication

This has since been fixed and we are actively banning players who abused this exploit.


No Mission Rewards

We’ve released two fixes to correct the no mission rewards bug, however, we are still seeing reports of this happening. We are diving into the updated reports to pinpoint why this is still occurring.



We’ve been digging into solutions for these issues as well as a way to improve our process to avoid releases similar to this one. In our v5.40 update we’ll be pumping the brakes on some of the newer content in order to double down on performance (e.g. hitches on mission join, general console performance etc.). A longer technical post-mortem is on the way but we want to fully ensure the ongoing issues are resolved before we break the technical bits down. We will discuss where our process broke internally, what resulted from that and how we’re working to fix it. We promised the postmortem for this week and we’re sorry that we weren’t able to get this out to you sooner.


In the meantime, we’ll be granting rewards to those of you who did not receive proper rewards when completing missions. These rewards will be based on the number and difficulty of the missions that failed to complete during the time the bugs were active. The complete grant will take around ~48 hours to complete. This rollout will begin as soon as the no mission rewards bug is fixed.


Additionally, we will be granting a packet of Mission Rewards and a Smorgasbord Llama to each player’s account in v5.40.


Thanks for your continued support

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