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I have a few ideas that would make building your home base a more enjoyable experience. Now all of these ideas are targeted for when you are in your Homebase building, not defending (doing a SSD).

  1. New gadgets When you are building in your Homebase there is no use for any of the gadgets. So let’s take advantage of those 2 spots. Introducing the “Power drill” Use this to take down structure in one hit. This would be incredibly useful for destroying your T3 metal trap tunnels that are no longer used or if you want to change up your Amplifier defenses. Using this would not give back any resources just like your pickaxe.

  2. New gadgets Since there are two gadget spots, my idea for the 2nd slot would be a “Husk Spawner”. This would send a non aggressive husk towards a targeted point (ex. Amplifiers) and once the husk reaches the 1st structure it plans to attack, it will die and re-spawn again. This gadget would be beneficial for build trap tunnels (especially in Canny/Twine with will all the odd ground elevations) to see if husks can even enter your trap tunnel or see if they walk around or through your maze of traps.

  3. Storm Shield Council Menu. This area of the Homebase has a lot of potential. 2 things I would like to see added would be a “Repair All” and “Destroy All” option. “Repair All”would make recovering from a SSD a breeze by allowing you to repair all structures (for the correct amount or resources that is). The “Destroy All” (unlocked after SSD10) would be a great addition if you want to build your Homebase to be more fun than functional. This option could maybe refund some of your resources as it would requires SSD10 completed to unlock. You would also get various warning messages that you are about to destroy all your structures.

Again this is all just an idea but let me know what you guys think! I feel like Homebase could be so much better than what it is now. Any and all constructive criticism is welcome.

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