Make the exotic weapons from the other mode into a new weapon set in StW since we haven’t gotten one in a few months.

FortniteBattleRoyale8 - Make the exotic weapons from the other mode into a new weapon set in StW since we haven't gotten one in a few months.

Since the guns might not be added into creative, let us have fun with these exotic weapons by killing husks with them instead! Here is my idea for this new set:

Llama name: Exotic Llamas

Set name: Exotic Weapons Set

Unique Extra Six Perk (can only be obtained through using a core-reperk): Eliminations will make husk drop gold. Gold obtain can be used in the event and weekly shop.

The Exotic Weapons set will include:

The Dub: A double barrel shotgun that has high damage and impact at the cost of range, that can knock back even the tankiest of husks. The user will go flying back after each shot used.

Magazine Size: 2

Unique Six Perk: Eliminating 7 enemies in 10 seconds will give you immunity to The Dub's knockback effect for 6 seconds.


Hop Rock Dualies: A pair of pistols that give you low gravity as you eliminate husks.

Element: Locked to physical and energy.

Magazine Size: 18 (2 ammo used per shot)

Unique Six Perk: Elimination gives you low gravity for 4 seconds and increases fire rate by 25%.


Storm Scout Sniper Rifle: A sniper that can pierce husks and leave them vulnerable for a while.

Element: Locked to physical and nature.

Magazine Size: 4

Unique Six Perk: Headshot eliminations will give nearby husks a lightning like effect. Husks with this effect take nature damage overtime as lightning chains between them and are stunned every few seconds.


Dragon's Breath Sniper Rifle: A sniper that can pierce husks and set them on fire.

Element: Locked to fire and physical.

Magazine Size: 4


Unique Six Perk: Shooting any surface will leave it on fire for 6 seconds, dealing damage over time to any husks that pass through it.


The Big Chill: An snowball launcher that damages, launches husks, and makes them slippery. (gives them the chiller grenade effect from BR).

Element: Locked to water.

Magazine Size: 3

Unique Six Perk: Every last shot in a magazine will freeze the husk(s) for 4 seconds instead of giving them the slippery effect. Husks who already had this effect can't be re-frozen.


The Night Hawk: A scoped revolver that has thermal vision and allows husks to be seen behind objects.

Magazine Size: 8

Unique Six Perk: While scoping, allows the commander to see weak spots on a husk. Hitting these weak spots will do 50% increased damage for only that shot.


The Chug Cannon: A launcher that shoot explosive slurp cans. Can be used in a variety of ways.

Uses no ammo (bullets). Instead, it has a recharging like feature that can hold up to 5 shots. Each "ammo" takes 30 seconds to reload.

Has slightly less durability than most other launchers.

Unique Six Perk: Shooting at yourself or another player(s) will heal them 15% of their max health AND shield. Shooting at husks will cause them to take "toxic" like damage. Husks with this effect will loose 4% of their max health every second 5 seconds. Can't be used on mini-bosses or bosses.

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