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I want to go over how I think Twine Peaks can be fixed.

I really like the new storyline in the event quests about the Storm pushing back after we put a hole in the clouds. The people who stayed on the sidelines are forced to join the fight because even though the storm is getting worse we're also getting better. This would be a great epilogue to Stand and Fight as players travel into the most dangerous lands of the Stoneplankertwine area. There could be one quest page for 5 denizens of Homebase to match with the 5 SSD that you need to complete to progress through Twine Peaks. I'm assuming that there are plans to have Oswald, Clip, and Lars added as heroes alongside Briggs and Dennis through future quests and it would be easy to just take these quests after the events all end and put them in Twine. By the end of this storyline I want confirmation that Homebase is stable and society can be considered rebuilt because Fortnite is a game about making the world a better place and that's the only way I can think to do it.

wj9MpOd - Make Twine Peaks Better

Oswald Quest

Dennis Quest

The map of Twine Peaks could be rearranged into a landlocked Lagoon with the missions trailing the coast similar to the current Twine progression but with a better visual mesh of the mission hexagons

Twine Map

Instead of just having the new zone be called tropical, the different types of areas should be divided so players better know what the area is going to be like. The coral temple and ancient shrine could be a zone called Ruins.

uy4ZVPO - Make Twine Peaks Better

Coral Temple

Ancient Shrine

The pirate bazaar, shipwreck city, and viking village could be a zone called Village.


Pirate Bazaar

Shipwreck City

Viking Village

There could be a few more zones using some of BR's newer locations such as a costal resort (Sweaty Sands) similar to a city zone, a shipping dock (Dirty Docks) similar to an industrial zone, and a floating fortress (The Fortilla) similar to the suburbs.

Sweaty Sands

Dirty Docks

The Fortilla

I feel like the Mythic Storm King could be better if it was proceeded by a dungeon. There's already the assets to make a cave system as seen in the waiting area for the Storm King fight, and the actual dungeon could just be made of city structures because the Season 6 corrupted areas would suggest that the Storm dimension used to be like ours before the Storm invaded.

Storm Dimension

Corrupted Area

The Storm dungeon could just be the same system as the dungeons already in the game but with with some sort of puzzles like other RPG dungeons. Assuming this would be the hardest activity in the entire game, in the event of a squad wipe, players should just be loaded back to the beginning of a floor, unless there would be too much back end work to make that possible. Mythic weapon rolls should also be random along with the weekly cap to make sure people want to keep playing the dungeon.

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