Massive aiming issue with OBLITERATOR; Bullet does NOT go where you aim.

index - Massive aiming issue with OBLITERATOR; Bullet does NOT go where you aim.

While testing out the gun for a bit; I noticed (while using it on my ninja, at least), that the gun really doesn't shoot where you aim. This has nothing to do with the recoil, since that happens after the shot.. But i've lined up numerous test shots on monsters that are standing still, on their head VERY clearly, but they do not get counted as headshots. (Damage is white, not yellow, and much lower than it should be).

Doing the same test with my one-shot lead to all the headshots landing as actual headshots no matter the distance.

Am I the only one noticing this mis-allignment? Is it intentional to offset the high base damage? Is it a bug/mistake? Is there an issue with my game (that somehow only applies to that gun?)

I've already submitted a bug report for it myself, but I urge people to do some testing of their own to see if they notice the same issue. 🙂

EDIT: Aiming Above and to the right of their heads seems to land headshots much more consitantly; literaly aiming at air. Lol.


*EDIT: After re-testing it on a private server instead of on a public one, I didn't notice this same weird aiming, and all hits seemed to be landing correctly. Which leads me to the conclusion that it might've been PING-Delay based depending on the host of the game I joined's region.. But that leads to the question, why does this gun have the issue but my one shot doesn't? Does this gun actually have a bullet projectile (like in BR?) and it doesn't get calculated as a hitscan? :S Must do more testing. *

Yet another Edit: So judging from what others said and I noticed myself it has something to do with the ''shooting through walls'' element of the gun. The gun tends to aim correct when you are standing on flat surface.. But if you are on any form of non-flat tile.. A trap, a stairs, a roof, inside of water etc.. The aim will be messy and off.

Hopefully this will get some attention! So be sure to use the in-game feedback system to tell devs about it!

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