Max PL players need a reason to keep playing.

FortniteBattleRoyale4 - Max PL players need a reason to keep playing.

What's the point in getting all the heroes, all the schematics, all the survivors, etc? We're not going to need them anyway. The story is over, the Storm King is dead. We've reached the end. Now what? Keep farming evolution materials for future heroes/schematics? To do what with them? There has to be some point to it all.

We need some creativity in this game. Give us the tools to make it ourselves, if the game is finished and won't be worked on anymore. It baffles me why Creative Mode isn't part of STW. Such an amazing tool, that could alter the game's future. Endless replayability, with no work needed from devs, once implemented. Custom maps, rules, rewards. All made by us. I'd even pay for it.

(jumping to a totally different point altogether)

Ventures for PL 131 players are absolutely useless. Why do I need stronger guns and heroes? To more easily farm missions? For what? I thought maybe vouchers would be the best reward. But then again, what's the point in unlocking everything if you're not going to use them for more than 10 minutes, because you're literally playing the same old boring game.

I would play Venture with literally no rewards, if the missions were fun. Let me select an option before joining each season of Ventures, where it says something like "Forfeit all rewards (missions, quests, etc) in favor of getting a buff inside Ventures". Could be buffs that we already have (cooldown reduction, more dmg with X, etc), or even new ones. Anything to completly change the gameplay.


If I could make any change to the game, some of them would be:

-In difficult defense missions Pickaxe damage reduced the farther away you are from the objective, up to dealing 0 dmg if you went too far. Lootable objects become harder and harder to find, to a point where they disappear if you're more than half a map away from the objective. Pickaxes deal no damage to allied structures. (and many more things that afkers/farmers/griefers do).

-Constructors get improved building and repair speed. They could also get 500 of each building mats at the start of missions (that disappear at the end of missions). In addition to its normal effects, Banner grants temporary immunity to affected walls (for 10-15 seconds, your walls cannot be completely broken).

-Ninjas get 25% movement speed, can jump higher, can pick up Bluglo instantly without the need to interact with it (would be nice for someone to collect and use all the bluglo in each mission, why not). On this topic, we could probably do with more types of Pylons.

I realize this wasn't planned enough, so I'll stop rambling and see what you guys think first, before going deeper into it. I'm a bit sleep deprived, so if this looks like a mess, do forgive me.

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