Melee is severely underdeveloped

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As it stands, we all know melee right now is not as developed or rewarding as it should be versus just shooting, even when playing Ninjas and melee-focused Constructors.

Right now everything has this same 1-2 light attack, with a small selection of heavy attacks that aren’t ver distinct. The only variety is in weapon archetype, which only effects attack speed, damage, and impact.

Let’s compare melee weapons in this game to another game I enjoy playing, Brawlhalla. (note: I know they’re entirely different genres. This is just comparison for hypothetical ways Epic could make melee more unique as a weapon type.)

In Brawlhalla, there’s a wide variety of melee weapons, each with a unique move set and play style, in both light and heavy attacks and attack strings. – Sword is light and mainly focuses on quick jabs and repeated slices. Close range, but has gap closers. – Spear is light and long range, pushing around enemies with a variety of slices and twirls, and two or three jabs. – Axe is medium range and heavy, whacking enemies with slow, broad swings. – Hammers are slow and very close range, but hit like a truck and use a variety of attacks, from jabbing, to ground pound, to throwing the enemy around. – Katars are light and mobile, easily capable of trapping several enemies in a quick string of attacks. – Gauntlets are middle of the pack; they don’t deal too much damage and don’t go too fast or slow, but are capable of doing several chains of attacks, and use a series of punches to interrupt enemy attacks. – Scythes are quick and heavily focused on chasing grab attacks to throw enemies around the playing field, dealing moderate damage with precise attack areas. – Rocket Lances are long range and very mobile in the air, using their rockets to propel themselves into skewering enemies. (This would likely never happen in Fortnite, but think of the creative potential!)


In Fortnite, we obviously don’t have most of these weapons, but we could use Brawlhalla as an example (among other games) to better distinguish each melee weapon in its own unique attack pattern and archetype.

  • Swords are middle of the pack, dealing moderate damage and impact at a decent attack speed, with the current light attack pattern being used. Heavy attack could be a large three sweeping swipes forward in a 180-degree radius around the wielder.

  • Axes are slow and incredibly heavy, with slightly longer range, but roughly half the attack speed of swords. It also deals more impact. Heavy attack could be a forward slam, staggering or knocking down enemies in a cone.

  • Clubs are very slow and very powerful. Slightly faster than axes, but less DPS, and much greater impact. Heavy attack is an extended spin, knocking back enemies hit.

  • Spears are extended range, with sword-like attack speed and slightly less damage. Light attack is jabs or forward swings, staggering enemies more easily than swords, and heavy attack is a closer spin than the club, but pulls in and spins around nearby Husks rather than knocking them back.

  • Hardware is a slower, higher-impact sword archetype, using a lighter version of the club heavy attack.

  • Scythes use sweeping forward swings to pull around enemies at close range, with their heavy attack being a very large swing that pulls enemies in a 180-degree swing before knocking them to the side at the end. Deals similar damage to hardware, but has low impact.

If you made it this far, thanks for taking the time to read through this. I hope one day Epic can flesh out melee to be more unique (or at least equally rewarding as shooting) and encourages using melee in certain situations.

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