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FortniteBattleRoyale4 - mini boss modifiers

Mini boss modifiers

Today as my 1st “how to survive the storm” guide I will tell you about the all mini boss modifiers what they do and how to counter them which is info required throughout the whole game,

To start things off we have the 3 husks that can be mini bosses,

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epic husk

Acid pools-damaging pools of acid left in a track behind the mini boss

for around 5 seconds/counter-stay in front or to the sides of the mini boss and if you’re in an acid pool get out asap as they can really damage you,

Berserker-when the mini bosses hp is below 50% the mini boss gains a 25% increase to damage and speed/counter-not much just kill it very fast and keep your distance,

Building blocker-the mini boss leaves a path of obstacles that cannot be built on and they have a duration of 30 secondscounter-have your base repaired and ready,

Damage pulse-a pulse of damage triggered by being near the player and buildings with a small cool down within ½ in each direction of the mini boss dealing great damage to structures and the player/counter-have your walls at max hp and use the banner gadget stay away ,

Fire-the boss is a fire elemental doing fire affliction/counter-water weapons,

Frenzied-the mini boss is constantly faster/counter-keep your distance,

Healer-the mini boss heals a constant amount of hp/counter-keep fire on the mini boss so it can’t heal,

Knockback-on melee attack the mini boss knocks you back 1 tile,


Shield breaker-this mini boss can 1 hit all of your shield/counter-keep your distance,

Shielded-a constant spinning shield around the mini boss covering 50% of it/counter-shoot from above use melee and be accurate and hit where the shield isn’t,

Slowing pools-a trail of pools that slow you by 30% when inside them and they last for 30 seconds/counter-stay in front or to the sides of the mini boss,

Smoke screen-mini bosses take 75% less damage from ranged weapons/counter-use melee wepons and ability’s,

Nature-the boss is a nature elemental on hit the mini boss zaps your energy/counter-fire weapons,

Ricochet-when you hit the mini boss with a ranged attack it will deal the damage back to you/counter-use abilities and melee,

Tank-the mini boss gains a large amount of hp/counter doesn’t stop shooting and use your strongest weapons,

Trap vulnerable-husks take 99% less damage from any type of weapon and abilities but 99% more damage from traps/counter-spam traps around the mini boss or build a box of traps with the mini boss in the middle,

Vampiric-on melee hit the mini boss heals a decent amount of hp/counter-keep your distance,

Volcanic-the mini boss spawns mini lava pools on the ground within 3 tiles the pool is a ¼ tile large-/counter-keep your distance,

Vortex-the mini boss sucks you in from 2-4 tiles away onto its own tile/counter-keep your distance or be right in its face,

Water-the boss is water elemental and on melee hit slows you by 30%,

Wall weakening-on the 2nd hit the mini boss deals x2 damage to structures/counter-heal your wall as often as possible.

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